Kim Kardashian Just Responded To The Criticism Of Her Beyond Meat Ad

As the new "Chief Taste Consultant" for vegan meat manufacturer Beyond Meat, Kim Kardashian could be expected to not only know a fair bit about vegan meat substitutes, including Beyond Meat's products, but also to have a discernable and, moreover, credible opinion as to why shoppers in search of vegan meat substitutes should make Beyond Meat their bae, which is to say their before-all-others, at least as far as vegan meats go. As it turns out, while it remains unclear what Kardashian's knowledge of vegan meat substitutes might be, she does claim to like Beyond Meat's products, according to Beyond Meat's press release.

"Beyond Meat is my absolute favorite," the press release quotes Kardashian saying. "I love how all their products not only taste amazing but are also good for me and my family." Further, as she adds, her kids are obsessed. Accordingly, when Kardashian also notes that her fridge and freezer are stuffed to the gills with Beyond Meat products, one might imagine this is true — not because Beyond Meats gave her all those products, gratis, in connection with their new partnership, but, rather, because if it's Tuesday, it's Beyond Meat tacos for the West kiddies.

Nevertheless, social media isn't buying it (no pun intended). To paraphrase Twitter user @WiLD955, Kardashian's being criticized widely for "fake chewing" and, presumably, not swallowing those supposedly amazing and healthy Beyond Meat products she's seen eating in the campaign's first video ad. Naturally, Kardashian has an answer for that. 

Apparently, Kim Kardashian does put her money where her mouth is

Social media seems to be of the mindset that if Kim Kardashian is getting paid to act as spokesperson for Beyond Meat, then she darn well better be seen eating some of the vegan meat substitutes that Beyond Meat manufactures. As People points out, while "tasting is in Kardashian's job description," viewers of the first video ad in the new marketing campaign were not buying for a second that Kardashian was doing any tasting of Beyond Meat products — at least in the ad, which featured numerous cuts to Kardashian smiling and sighing in apparent pleasure as she held Beyond Meat products up to her face.

As someone with a history of not letting this sort of slight go by (via iHeart), Pete Davidson's latest romantic partner was bound to have a response. Through her Instagram stories platform, Kardashian posted video clips of herself seemingly putting Beyond Meat products in her mouth and chewing, per Today. Such clips appear to be outtakes from the ad in question, which had its own response to the social media backlash against its spokes-Kardashian. 

"Just gonna leave this here and walk away from the computer," the company tweeted, along with a video clip that shows Kardashian chewing its products. Whether she swallows or not is another matter altogether, if anyone is keeping tabs, which apparently they're not. Nevertheless, when you eat a Beyond burger now, you may inadvertently think of Kardashian, a symptom of the times.