Instagram Has Suggestions For Geoffrey Zakarian's Summer Dressing Recipe

Knowing how to make a scrumptious side salad should be in every home cook's recipe repertoire. If you are hosting a backyard barbecue, for instance, a side salad is the perfect light dish to balance out the heavier grilled ribs and pulled pork sandwiches in your spread. Thankfully, there is a bevy of salads that are perfect to make this summer, from a classic Caesar salad to a fresh, herby tabbouleh. The one thing that most salads all have in common? A delicious dressing.

Whipping up a complementary salad dressing is not an easy skill to master. But there are a handful of reasons why it's better to ditch the store-bought products for homemade dressings. In fact, Mashed previously ranked 17 store-bought recipes from best to worst, but homemade still reigns supreme. According to 30 Seconds, store-bought dressings are brimming with excessive calories and unhealthy fats, as well as preservatives and chemicals to keep them from going bad. Because these products are often mass-produced, the quality of the ingredients featured in each bottle is often far worse than the ingredients lying around your own kitchen. The good news is that there are many easy homemade dressings that you can whip up in a pinch. 

Recently, celebrity chef Geoffrey Zakarian just shared one of his go-to summer dressings on Instagram, although some of his followers believe that a few added ingredients could take his simple recipe up a notch.

Geoffrey's Zakarian's followers think his recipe is missing a hint of lemon

In a recent Instagram video, Geoffrey Zakarian gave his users a summer gift to kickstart the month of June: a new recipe. The video shows the award-winning cookbook author preparing his staple dressing in a big glass bowl. "This simple dressing is perfect for all your summer dressings," his caption claims. This versatile recipe features mustard, red wine vinegar, greek olive oil, salt and pepper, and fresh dill, which are all mixed together with a whisk. The Massachusetts native ends the video by drizzling his concoction over a leafy salad with sliced cucumber, strawberries, tomatoes, and other fresh ingredients.

In the comments section, users took the opportunity to praise Zakarian's delicious-looking recipe, but also offer their own suggestions. Several users questioned why "The Kitchen" co-host chose to omit lemon from his dressing. "No lemon?" one user queried, while another wrote, "Yes but NO vinegar instead lemon." Zakarian's vinegar selection also seemed to raise a few eyebrows. "Use champagne vinegar or white wine vinegar instead! And some lemon juice and sugar!" A few other suggestions were thrown out here and there, including adding some garlic or shallots to the mixture.

One of the best things about salad dressings? It's easy to put your own spin on a recipe by either adding or substituting a few ingredients. If this recipe sounds like it's up your alley, experiment with different ingredients and have some fun with it!