Totino's And FaZe Clan Will Release A Pizza Roll Flavor That Fans Have Been Asking For

Pizza rolls have long found a home in the world of video gamers. Perhaps it has something to do with the ease with which the bite-size snacks can be popped into a mouth while allowing a player to maintain working a controller with their other hand. Or, maybe it has more to do with the short amount of time pizza rolls take to cook, taking little time away from tactical strategy building. In any case, the connection between pizza rolls and e-games continues to be buoyed by cross-marketing campaigns.

In the past, pizza roll-maker Totino's has had partnerships with the publishers behind such popular games as "Gears of War," "Assassin's Creed," and "Call of Duty" (via Esports Insider). According to a press release posted on Business Wire, the snack brand is in the middle of a multi-year partnership with another big name in gaming, FaZe Clan. Last year that partnership released Pizza Roll Minis, smaller versions of the standard pizza rolls that come in heat-and-eat pouches (via Hype Beast). Now, the two companies are announcing yet another new product, and the news could make some fans very happy.

Totino's new pizza roll flavor is buffalo chicken

Beginning in July, Totino's lovers will be able to find one more product from the brand at their local grocery store. According to Brand Eating, Totino's FaZe Clan Buffalo Style Chicken Pizza Rolls, stuffed with white meat chicken and flavored with cayenne hot sauce, will be available next month. In the press release for the buffalo chicken rolls posted on Business Wire, FaZe Clan's SVP of Partnerships, Adam Bauer, said the new product is "one of the most requested flavors of Pizza Rolls to hit shelves."

Those who have been popping pizza rolls for years, probably already know that this isn't Totino's first go-round with buffalo chicken. Brand Eating pointed out that Totino's offered Buffalo-Style Chicken Rolls flavored with Frank's Red Hot in 2014. In 2018, user @Biorift728 took to Twitter to ask the brand about the product's disappearance by posting, "what ever happened to the buffalo chicken rolls?" Totino's responded via its clever avatar Pete Zaroll, writing "They've been discontinued, try our Macaroni & Cheese With Bacon Rolls. They're pretty good!" Despite the alternate snack suggestion, the thread continued through this year with more appeals for the return of the buffalo chicken pizza rolls. They were met with Pete Zaroll's promises to pass those requests along to the team. Interestingly, with Totino's return of buffalo chicken rolls, it would appear Pete Zaroll, "CEO of Pizza Rolls," may just be able to get things done.