Gordon Ramsay's Juicy Play On 50 Shades Of Grey Has Fans Cracking Up

Gordon Ramsay is not known as one to easily give out compliments — but when he does, they sure are memorable. The "Hell's Kitchen" host recently threw out a cinematic reference when reacting to a fan's TikTok, and people in the comments of his duetted video went absolutely wild for it.

On March 11, @cheatmeats on TikTok posted a video of him creating a "loaded porchetta," which is essentially a traditional Italian pork roast stuffed with extra meat (via Christina's Cucina). The chef guided the watcher through scoring the pork meat to seasoning it and then stuffing it with tenderloin, garlic, and bay leaf. He then rolled his creation and coated it with more seasonings, before baking it.

The video was accompanied by George Michael's "Careless Whisper," which is frequently used as the backdrop music in popular films, such as "Deadpool" and "A Night At The Roxbury" (via CinemaBlend). This tune can be used for comedic relief or to capture more racy scenes. This definitely makes it versatile and a great addition to the over-the-top cooking video, which Chef Ramsay had an equally juicy reference for.

Fans thoroughly enjoyed the 50 Shades of Juice comment

Gordon Ramsay was captivated by @cheatmeat's meaty showpiece from the start of the TikTok video, but it wasn't clear to the audience whether or not the celebrity chef was going to drop his signature disses this time around. At the beginning of his duet, Ramsay expressed his doubts about the giant porchetta, saying that the tenderloin inside of the outer layer looked "weird."

However, that initial reservation was soon overcome with amusement, as the TikTok creator began to roll the meaty loaf. That's when Ramsay shouted, "50 Shades of Pork!" which is a play on the popular book and movie series, "50 Shades of Grey." But this wasn't the only moment in the video that Ramsay made a reference to the romance novel. Ramsay ended his duet chanting, "50 shades of juice!" This line alone had fans cracking up in the comments. One person wrote, "Damn Gordon really like 50 shades of juice." Another user wrote, "Gordon getting bit spicy there with the 50 shades reference."​​ Similar to the porchetta, TikTok viewers loved the extra seasoning in Ramsay's commentary on this video.