Aldi's Newest Frozen Food Offering Is Just In Time For Grilling Season

If you've ever found yourself planning a last-minute barbecue on a busy summer weekend, then you might know how stressful it is to try to pick out the right selection of meats and recipes that are perfect for the grill. But this summer, Aldi is offering customers a solution that takes the stress of choosing out of the barbecue equation. The grocery chain is selling a Grill Master Collection box that's filled with a variety of meat that can be cooked for a crowd, totaling 7.37 pounds of meat.

Aldi Finds products are becoming more scarce, but this product, which is actually a collection of products, retails for $64.99 (via Aldi). Each box contains two 10 oz. boneless beef ribeye steaks, two 10 oz. boneless beef New York strip steaks, two 6 oz. bacon-wrapped beef top sirloin steaks, eight 4.5 oz. beef burgers, two 9 oz. boneless pork chops, and two 7 oz. boneless skinless chicken breasts with rib meat. If you never know what to buy before a BBQ, then this variety box could be a helpful purchase. But not everyone is convinced that it's a good deal.

Is the Grill Master Collection a good value?

Not everyone was convinced that the Grill Master Collection is a great value. "$8.90 a pound over all. If it was all steaks maybe but burger and chicken fillers make it a no go for me," said one Redditor on the Aldi subreddit, saying they would pay "Maybe around $50 or so if the steaks were prime and not choice." They might have a point: The real difference between cheap and expensive steak often comes down to the grade of the meat. The boneless beef ribeye steaks, boneless New York strip steaks, and bacon-wrapped beef top sirloin steaks included in Aldi's box are all choice cuts, and though they're not prime, they're also higher quality than select. 

That user received some pushback on their cost assessment. "Where the f*** are you finding average prime meat at $8.90/lb for various cuts?" one user asked. Another person pointed out that the box is a good value compared with other variety boxes of meat for grilling. "I looked at getting an Omaha Steaks box for my dad for Father's Day and it was $140 for less meat. This is a great deal for Father's Day when compared for Omaha Steaks," said one commenter, while another defended the price point, saying, "I think it's more of a convenience versus a bargain." 

Customers will have to decide for themselves where the value lies, but they'll have to act quick, as this item is a seasonal Aldi Find.