The Snack Company With An Appealing Method For Tackling Food Waste

Food waste is a gigantic problem, with around 931 million tons of food being thrown out each year, per UNEP's 2021 Food Waste Index Report. The U.S. is specifically responsible for approximately 45 million tons (via The Vegan Review).

So, where does all this food waste come from? According to ReFED, 38.9% of food waste is from the residential sector, 27.2% from farms, 19.9% from food services, 7.2% from manufacturing, and 6.9% from retail.

As it turns out, a good deal of food waste results from how we package and store food. For example, expiration dates increase food waste because there is no standard labeling system. Some products have a "best before" date, while others have a "use by" date. Although one refers to quality and one refers to safety, most Americans perceive them as meaning the same thing.

Another big player in food waste is product defects. That apple may have a small bruise on it, but it's still perfectly safe to eat. Instead, it gets thrown away. What should we be doing with "ugly" produce, then? Snack company RIND might just have a solution. 

RIND celebrates produce — peels and all

Companies like Imperfect Foods and its delivery service are already trying to reduce food waste by giving "ugly" foods a second chance. Too, RIND Snacks is doing its part by utilizing every bit of the produce it uses.

According to RIND's website, its snacks saved more than 170 tons of produce from being wasted in 2021. Its products range from fruit chips to dried fruit, all with the skins left on. While eating kiwi or orange peels may seem a bit strange, according to Forbes, the peels actually have many health benefits.

For instance, orange peels are perfectly safe to eat and contain lots of fiber and flavonoids, which can help reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, and other health conditions. As for why we should be saving apple skins, the peel packs vitamins K, A, and C, as well as potassium and calcium. Banana peels are also safe to eat and are a great source of protein, fiber, and potassium (you can even use them to make vegan bacon or pulled pork).

One thing's for sure: These companies are certainly making food waste reduction a whole lot more appetizing.