Burger King Just Trolled Apple's iOS 16 Update On Twitter

In this day and age, there's very little predictability in the world. With not a lot of things we can count on, there's a certain comfort knowing that an Apple iOs update is always just around the corner. While these updates don't roll out like clockwork, they have increased dramatically over the last decade. According to Venture Beat, iOS was updated an impressive 15 times in 2017. With the latest iOS 16 update, iPhone users can expect some desirable new features, according to Insider.

Have you ever sent a text in the heat of the moment and immediately regretted it? Or sent a message to the wrong person? The worst part about this oh-so-relatable blunder is the agonizing moment right after the fact, knowing there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. Well, all of that's about to change. With the latest iOS 16 update, iPhone users will have the power to edit, and even unsend, texts with iMessage. This new feature will come with a time limit — users will have 15 minutes to either change a text or remove it from a thread completely.

Now that news of this latest technological development has reached the internet, one unexpected company has things to say about it. Or, more accurately, jokes to make about it. In a recent Twitter post, Burger King trolled the latest iOS features, only to receive some clapbacks of its own.

Twitter clapped back at Burger King's jokey tweet

In a recent Twitter post, Burger King wrote, "the whopper will never edit or unsend." The tweet was in reference to the latest news that iPhone users will be able to edit or unsend text messages with the upcoming iOS 16 update. Little did the chain realize, this tweet was simply an invitation for Twitter users to roast not only the Whopper, but Burger King itself.

The comments section was flooded with trolls from fellow Twitter users. "Edit or unsend your food because it's extremely mid," one user commented, while someone else wrote, "It [the Whopper] just edits my arteries." Another user responded to the post, writing, "You should edit the crown nuggets back onto the menu."

While Burger King may be one of the biggest fast food chains in America, it's certainly not the most popular. According to QSR, Burger King was ranked in seventh place amongst the top 50 fast food chains in the country. And yet, according to Eat This, Not That, this Florida-based chain was named the "most hated fast food restaurant" in America in 2021. The publication gathered data from Twitter to form this conclusion, confirming that polled individuals from an overwhelming 15 states thought Burger King was the worst chain. As if people needed more reasons to turn up their noses, here are some gross things you should know about Burger King