Sam's Club Dropped A Party-Stealing Ready-To-Drink Margarita Pack

Margaritas are something of a summertime staple. For many people, there is just something uniquely satisfying about lying by the pool or sitting on your back deck with a sweet, ice-cold margarita in-hand. In fact, the margarita is the most popular cocktail in the country, with 60% of people preferring it over other alcoholic beverages, according to Beverage Industry. And while there are plenty of ways to customize this cocktail, by adding extra flavors like mango, strawberry, or even jalapeno, the classic recipe is pretty easy to follow.

Margaritas contain a mix of tequila, lime juice, agave syrup, orange liqueur, and salt for those who prefer a salted rim on their glass, according to However, if you don't feel like stocking up on all these different ingredients just to make a beverage you would only enjoy occasionally, then you are in luck. Sam's Club has just released the perfect party pack for the margarita-lover who doesn't want to make a mess in their kitchen.

Sam's Club Ready-to-Drink Margarita Packs are convenient and affordable

The wholesale retailer is now selling the Member's Mark Wine Ready-to-Drink Margarita 3-Pack, which comes with everything you need to enjoy a margarita night with friends, all in one convenient ready-to-go box. This new pack delivers 25 servings of this popular cocktail, and it comes in three refreshing, tropical flavors: Mango, Lime, and Strawberry, according to Sam's Club.

The margs can be served as-is or blended together for some extra fruity fun. But regardless of how you enjoy them, this ready-to-drink pack makes it both easy and convenient to indulge in this summer cocktail. Everything from the flavoring to the alcohol comes already included in the pack, so the only thing shoppers have to add is the ice, and voilĂ : They will have the perfect margarita at their fingertips.

Each serving packs 12.5% alcohol by volume, and at just under $30 for the whole ready-to-drink pack, these margaritas end up being pretty wallet-friendly, too. It works out to just $1.20 per serving, a far cheaper price than one would likely pay at their local bar or Taco Tuesday night, according to Fox 47 News. According to Hip 2 Save, these margarita kits are only available in-store, and will be sold for a limited time.