Costco's Layered Keto Brownie Might Not Be A Tasty Dessert Swap

The keto diet is the most popular diet in the United States. According to a study conducted by Supplement Place, the ketogenic diet was not only the most-searched diet in America but it also took first place as the most popular diet worldwide. However, despite its popularity, the low-carb, high-fat diet can be fairly restrictive, with an expected "average of 70 to 80% fat from total daily calories, 5 to 10% carbohydrate, and 10 to 20% protein," according to the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. That means it can still be difficult to find great-tasting snacks and treats that still fall within the keto guidelines. Nevertheless, that there are no good snacks or desserts on the keto diet is a myth.

So it makes sense that, when keto dieters stumble across a treat that isn't carb-heavy but still tastes great, they can't help but go online to spread the news about it. This happened recently when Instagram user @costco_doesitagain made a post alerting their followers to a decadent new keto-friendly snack that arrived on the shelves at their local Costco. "KETO Layered Brownies," they captioned a picture of the product.

Some shoppers disliked the taste of these Keto Layered Brownies

Costco's Keto Layered Brownies, which are made with rich chocolate flavor and creamy peanut and almond butter, are completely grain, gluten, and GMO-free, and contain 5 grams of protein and just 3 net carbs per serving (via My Groovy Buys). Many keto fans were quick to comment on Instagram with their own rave reviews of the indulgent, yet low-carb, treat. "These are very good," one user replied. And while some liked the flavor, others found their healthy ingredients to be a plus. "No sugar?? I'd love to try these," a second user wrote.

However, they were not a hit with everyone, with some shoppers in the comments calling them "awful." Other users agreed that these Keto Layered Brownies missed the mark. "They are a No. Been sitting in my cabinet..." a user replied, while another user agreed, saying, "No taste to them. Try something else!" 

"Tried these and they are not good," someone else concurred. "We liked them. I think people don't prefer them because they are not super sweet," one user mused. But regardless of the reason, Costco shoppers seem pretty split down the middle when it comes to this keto dessert, so it seems that the only way to tell for sure where you fall is to try these Keto Layered Brownies for yourself.