Britney Spears' Wedding Guests Reportedly Didn't Get A Traditional Dinner

It's a tale as old as time. Boy meets girl on the set of girl's music video, "Slumber Party," after being selected as the narrative love interest from a pile of headshots (via Vogue). Girl falls for boy, who supports girl through her fight for conservatorship, wearing a "#FreeBritney" t-shirt and eventually proposing with a 4-carat diamond ring that says "Lioness" on the band. If you've seen it once, you've seen it a hundred times. Perhaps that's why, in Britney Spears' recent marriage to Sam Asghari, the guests apparently didn't see a typical dinner service. You know, to shake things up a bit.

Why not opt for a traditional dinner? Well, for one thing, you might want your wedding to stand out in your guests' memories, not blend together with all the others they attended the same year. Of course, you'd think seeing Britney Spears as the bride would do the job, but better to be safe than sorry. Especially when, judging from Vogue's description, the Spears-Asghari wedding had all the trappings of a traditional ceremony — from the diamond tennis bracelet and classic, white satin-trimmed veil, to the carriage pulled by a golden-hoofed white horse that brought the bride to her groom. And while that Contemporary Catering handled the citrus blossom cake for the reception, People has a source claiming that a "traditional sit-down dinner" was not on the menu for the newly minted couple.

No 'Toxic' food at this wedding

When you have your wedding at home, you can do whatever you want. And when your home is a fairytale estate in Thousand Oaks, California (per Vogue), and your name is Britney Spears, you can really do whatever you want. Cover your courtyard with roses and peonies? Check. You know she's got the materials. Accessorize with 62 carats worth of diamonds? You can ignore the "look in the mirror and take one thing off" rule if you're the princess of pop, people. And if you want "craveable comfort food favorites" passed among your guests in lieu of a conventional dinner, then by golly your guests better bring their own forks and ask no further questions. People claims that Spears and Asghari wanted a "relaxed dinner vibe" for their reception and that the party itself was wrapped before midnight.

"As they left in the Rolls Royce," a source told People of the newlyweds, "everyone created a sparkler archway and snacked on popcorn and truffle fries." Sadly, the food specifics don't get much better than that, at least not yet. While we anxiously await further details about the nuptials, the Los Angeles Times reminds readers that this was a phone-free ceremony, and thus food photos will probably be hard to come by. But in fairness, would you rather attend a five-course, haute cuisine, Michelin-starred wedding for one of your closest friends, or an undisclosed-comfort foods-and-fries wedding for Britney Spears? Thought so.