Outback's New Menu Item Is Ripe For Strawberry Lovers

When most people visit a fast casual franchise restaurant like Applebees or Capital Grille, the last menu option on their mind is likely a salad, but that doesn't stop these franchised spots from selling them. One would suspect that the want for salad is especially low at steakhouses like Outback, whose claim to fame, in addition to its steaks, is its sides. At Outback, the Bloomin' Onion, a battered and fried side that is shareable amongst the entire table, is a particular draw. In fact, the Bloomin' Onion may actually be more enticing than the steak for many visitors. 

However, you might be surprised to learn that not only does Outback Steakhouse have many salads on their menu ranging from the Aussie Cobb to a Brisbane Caesar to the Steakhouse Salad, but these dishes have actually been known to get some pretty solid reviews. One diner who mixed greens with their red meat remarked how much they love Outback's Steakhouse Salad, calling it "the BEST on the planet!" Another mentioned that the Bleu Cheese Chopped Salad from Outback "makes your mouth water." So rather than adding a new steak varietal or hefty side dish to their menu for the summer, they're rightly opting for a lighter new salad instead.

A berry good choice for Outback diners

Fans of the more veg-forward menu items will be pleased to hear that the latest menu item is more on the produce-heavy side. That's right, the new menu item coming to Outback Steakhouse is a Strawberry Salad. The new item rounds out the salad choices as a fourth option and, per Chew boom, is described as a "wild arugula and crisp romaine lettuce with fresh strawberries, cinnamon pecans, and goat cheese crumbles, all tossed in a raspberry vinaigrette." Those who order will also have the option to add either grilled or crispy chicken, or just eat it as is.

The salad will only be available at select locations and while prices may vary based on location, the full-size salad price should hover around $15.99, while a side portion will run you $4.99-ish. While the news is still fresh, some Redditors already got wind of it and started to spread the word, with one commenter noting how good it looks. Time will tell if this salad's reviews continue to trend towards the positive and receive the stellar treatment the others have gotten.