The TikTok ASMR Trend That Will Inspire You To Organize Your Kitchen

ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, has taken over the internet, particularly in the food sector. While noises like lip-smacking might be a pet peeve for some, others find relaxation in sounds like chewing, slurping, and crunching. 

Furthermore, foods such as honeycomb and popping candy have thrived on the internet because their sounds are more exaggerated when eaten (via Royal Wholesale Candy). That's why ASMR videos, such as mukbangs (when people record themselves eating large quantities of food), have accumulated millions of views on social platforms. 

But there are still people who don't get the "tingles" from eating videos — and that's also completely normal. "Some people have different gene sequences that make them more sensitive to oxytocin or other brain chemicals that are involved in ASMR," said Craig Richard, Ph.D., a ​​professor of biopharmaceutical sciences at Shenandoah University in Virginia, via Verywell Health.

However, there is a new food ASMR trend quickly taking over TikTok — and it might even appeal to those who find chewing sounds intolerable.

Listeners find pantry-stocking sounds satisfying

According to Eater, kitchen restock videos are an up-and-coming ASMR trend. These clips, which can feature sounds like refilling jars and crinkling packages, are more and more popular on TikTok.

Nabela Noor, whose TikTok username is @nabela, is one creator who has received millions of views and likes on her pantry organization videos. One particular video she posted to her account in 2021 was of her organizing a spice drawer. Listeners were treated to satisfying noises such as the pouring of spices, the clinking of glass, and the whirring of the drawer opening and closing.

Though the video was only 15 seconds long, it gained over 367,000 views. Followers in the comments praised Noor for the cinematography of her post. One user, @neharikaanoor, wrote, "this was so peaceful," which had 46 likes in agreement. Another TikTok follower commented on the spotlessness of Noor's kitchen. @smelly_barb wrote, "how is your house so clean!!!! its lowkey cleaner than my teeth!!!" 

Thus, this new ASMR trend serves as motivation to organize your kitchen while providing a moment of zen, so it's safe to say that these videos will continue to remain popular for a while.