The Huge Uber Eats Taco Bell Order That Had Reddit Shocked

From time to time, we all get a craving for greasy food. But perhaps none of us has ever taken such a craving to the extremes of one recent Taco Bell order.

Showcased on Reddit, the immense order featured 80 servings each of seasoned fries, beef burritos, and nacho cheese dips as well as 40 servings each of soft beef tacos, crunchy beef tacos, iced teas, and iced coffees. In total, the giant order included 80 drinks and 320 food items. 

With orders as big as that, it's no wonder that Taco Bell is aiming to achieve annual revenues of $20 billion (per CNBC).

But not everyone on Reddit was impressed by the order, which could probably feed a family for a month. The post was published by Reddit user JustABoredCitizen, who noted that the order came in five minutes before the 11 a.m. lunch rush — suggesting that the mighty request could have caused fulfillment issues. Redditers questioned the logistics of how the order was prepared and delivered, and they also criticized management for accepting it.

Redditers thought the order should have been refused

JustABoredCitizen commented on Reddit that the massive order took a whole hour to create. One Redditor wondered if the food prepared first would have been soggy by the time the order was finished and claimed they would "die" if they had to pour so many coffees — a problem that another commenter said they overcome by telling customers the coffee machine is broken.

The main theory on the Reddit thread posits that the mighty meal was probably a last-minute catering order, with JustABoredCitizen believing it could have been for a local church. The Redditor also made clear that it couldn't be refused due to pressure from management.

Reddit users pondered the price of the order, with suggestions ranging that it cost anywhere from $400 to $710. And many guessed that the Uber Eats driver having to deliver it might not have been well rewarded for their work. Some comments said the driver might only get a couple of dollars in tips, and other Redditors who are delivery drivers themselves said they would refuse to transport the order altogether. One Redditor summed up the situation succinctly: "You poor hardworking souls."