Culver's New Drinks Are Here Just In Time For Summer

Since the opening of its first restaurant in 1984, Culver's has been appeasing patrons with its wide assortment of Butterburgers. Made with "fresh, never frozen beef" and topped with a "lightly buttered, toasted bun" (via the company's website), the crave-worthy handhelds have captivated the hearts of foodies so much, Eat This, Not That! reports that customers recently voted Culver's as America's favorite burger chain. Even so, the ground beef sandwich is just one of a number of menu items bringing customers through the Wisconsin-based eatery's doors. Culver's fanatics also venture to one of the chain's 885 locations for its delectable frozen custard, as well as its signature Root Beer.

The sudsy soda was a must-have for founder Craig Culver, whom the chain's website says "loved nothing more than to enjoy a nice, crisp and refreshing Root Beer at his local carhop over the summer." The restaurateur sourced local ingredients to create his own version of his favorite soda when opening his first restaurant nearly 40 years ago. These days, Taste of Home reports that the drink is served at an astonishing rate of 315,205 gallons per year. However, thanks to the newest additions to the chain's drink menu, we wouldn't be surprised if that number sees a significant increase this year. According to Chew Boom, Culver's signature Root Beer is the inspiration behind the chain's latest menu update, which consists of two new especially chill thirst quenchers.

Culver's new drinks combine its signature Root Beer and frozen custard into one

It can be difficult to choose between a refreshing cup of Culver's signature Root Beer or a shake made with its famous frozen custard, especially in the heat of the summer months when both sound like an excellent way to cool off. Now, however, the chain is giving customers the chance to get the best of both worlds in not just one, but two different ways.

Per Chew Boom, participating Culver's locations have officially added Root Beer Floats and Root Beer Shakes as permanent menu items as of Tuesday, June 14. Described on the restaurant's website as "cool and refreshing whenever the craving strikes," Culver's new Root Beer Floats combines the "classic pairing" of a scoop of the chain's creamy vanilla custard with its signature Root Beer, while its new Root Beer Shakes see the custard and soda blended together into a single, sippable treat.

As Culver's new Root Beer Floats and Shakes have only been available for a short time, there hasn't been much talk online yet about the duo of drinks. However, being that Culver's signature Root Beer has been met with glowing reviews over the years, including an impressive 7-out-of-10 IBC rating by Cosmo's Root Beer Reviews, we can only imagine the addition of the chain's famous custard to makes them worth the hype.