Every Chobani Flip Flavor Ranked Worst To Best

Sometimes, you want a healthy snack, but you don't want it to taste healthy. Rather, you want to tuck into something that basically just tastes like dessert. Well, we're not saying that Chobani's line of dessert-based yogurts, Chobani Flip, is a healthy option across the board, but neither is it a bad idea to swap it for ice cream every once in a while. These snack-sized yogurts are perfect for taking on the go when you want a delicious sort-of-dessert that's easy to love.

If you know anything about this line of yogurts, then you'll know this: There are a lot of different options. Basically, no matter what kind of dessert you like best, you're likely to find a Chobani Flip flavor designed around it. And although most of these flavors are delicious, we have to admit there are some that are better than others. That's why we've decided to rank every Chobani Flip flavor, starting with our least favorite and working our way down to the best of the bunch. Hopefully, it will help you figure out which flavors you should try first — or next. Without further ado, here is every Chobani Flip flavor, ranked worst to best.

19. Peanut Butter Dream

For all those who can't get enough peanut butter in their lives, there is a Chobani Flip flavor for you: peanut butter dream. Although true peanut lovers are going to go wild over this flavor, we have to admit that it's just not one of our faves. The peanut flavor is just so pronounced. Including both peanuts and peanut clusters in the mix is just too much peanut as far as we're concerned. We're glad that they also included some chocolate in the flavor, but the combo probably would have been better with a more bittersweet dark chocolate to balance things out instead of the milk chocolate they opted for instead.

Meanwhile, the low-fat vanilla Greek yogurt just can't compete with the intensity of the peanut flavor in every bite, which is why the peanut butter dream has landed in the worst slot in our ranking. If you can't get enough peanut butter in your life, you should still go ahead and try this one. But if you're pretty neutral on peanut butter, there's a good chance that you'll find this one to be overkill just like we did.

18. Lemon Meringue Pie

In theory, it seems like the lemon meringue pie Chobani Flip flavor should be delicious. After all, lemon is such a light, refreshing flavor that it seems like it would be perfect for pairing with creamy yogurt. However, we found this one to be too intensely citrusy to truly enjoy it. It all starts with a lemon yogurt base. The first few bites of this yogurt are good, but the flavor gets old pretty fast. To add to the lemony intensity, sweet lemon clusters add some texture — but also too much sugar, if you ask us. Including the pastry crumbles was a nice touch, but the sweet icing pieces we could do without.

By the time you finish a container of this stuff, you'll likely want to get rid of the cloyingly sweet lemon flavor in your mouth as soon as possible. If you're sharing a container of this flavor with a friend, it might not be a bad option. But trying to eat it all by yourself might leave you with a literal bad taste in your mouth by the time you're done.

17. Cookies and Cream

Next up, we have one of the simplest and most understated flavors you'll find from the brand: cookies and cream. Personally, we don't find this flavor to be offensive or unenjoyable in the slightest, and if you already like cookies and cream-flavored desserts, there's a good chance you're going to like this one. So, why doesn't it rank higher on our list? It mostly comes down to the fact that it's just kind of boring. Chobani Flip is known for its wide range of interesting flavors that you won't find from many other yogurt brands. So, why would we opt for one of the few flavors that pretty much every other yogurt company sells?

The vanilla chocolate chip yogurt is delicious on its own — you technically don't even need to add the toppings in to enjoy it. That said, the crumbled chocolate cookies are, as you might guess for a cookies and cream product, rather essential. Chobani probably could have left the extra icing pieces out of the mix if they wanted to make this treat a little less sweet, but they certainly made sure you knew that this cup of yogurt was meant to be a dessert.

The cookies and cream isn't bad, but would we pick it over the plethora of other, unique flavors at Chobani offers? Nah.

16. S'More S'Mores

Like everyone with good taste, we love s'mores. There is no summertime dessert that's more of a treat than these delicious, chocolate-laden graham cracker sandwiches. They are no less than the platonic ideal of campfire food. But unfortunately, when you see a product that's supposed to be s'mores flavored, it often ends up falling flat. That's just what happened for us when we tried the S'More S'Mores flavor from Chobani Flip.

In theory, all of the different elements should taste amazing together. The vanilla low-fat yogurt acts as a rather innocuous base for more intensely flavored toppings. The honey graham crackers are a great start and offer just the right amount of crunch to keep this snack satisfying. But once you add in the milk chocolate and the toasted sugar bits, things start to get too sweet. Mix it all together, and you have a veritable sugar bomb catfishing as a reasonable breakfast food.

If you love your yogurt really, really sweet, then the S'More S'Mores flavor is worth a try. But for those who don't want to consume something that tastes as sugary as a sundae for two, this flavor probably isn't your best bet.

15. Banana Cream Pie

Banana isn't everyone's thing, but we actually love a banana cream pie. In fact, it may just be the best way to work bananas into your diet (bananas Foster is a close second, though). But does banana cream pie work when you try to put it in yogurt form? Chobani has had worse ideas, but the banana cream pie Chobani Flip flavor is still not one of our favorites of the bunch.

The issue starts with the banana-flavored yogurt. The thing about banana flavoring is that it almost always misses the mark. Bananas have such a strong flavor that other foods that are simply banana-flavored often taste sad and lackluster, not to mention downright artificial. That's certainly the case when it comes to this yogurt flavor.

That being said, the toppings do take things up a notch, fortunately. The pie crust crumbles are the best part as far as we're concerned because they add just the right amount of texture. The frosting chunks and toffee pieces are perhaps too sweet, but they add some depth to the flavor of the finished product, so we can't complain too much. Yet, although there are worse Chobani Flip flavors out there, you're probably not going to see us grabbing a banana cream pie Chobani Flip from store shelves anytime soon.

14. Mint Chocolate Chip

Mint chocolate chip may just be one of the most polarizing flavors in the world. For those who love fresh, minty flavors, adding chocolate to the mix only makes things that much better. But for others, anything mint-flavored is so reminiscent of toothpaste that it just can't be enjoyable. Although we tend to like mint chocolate chip-flavored desserts, even we can admit that the intensely flavored mint chocolate chip Chobani Flip variety leaves something to be desired.

In our opinion, the mint yogurt is just too, well, minty. If the flavor was more subtle, it would allow the chocolate to shine more, but as it is, it feels like the chocolate is largely overpowered by the intensity of all that mint. However, we love that they opted for dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate in this product, and the chocolate cookie crumbles are a nice touch too. The best part is the coated rice crisps though — they add crunch and texture that ensures this flavor doesn't score too low on our list.

13. Chocolate Layer Cake

Let's be honest: You don't want breakfast, and you're not looking for a healthy snack. Instead, you're on the hunt in your fridge for a dessert that won't make you feel too weighed down by the time you're done inhaling it. If that describes you (and you're a diehard chocolate lover), then we have just the Chobani Flip flavor for you: the chocolate layer cake. It all starts with chocolate Greek yogurt— yes, it's a thing. Then, they add double chocolate fudge, chocolate cake pieces, and chocolate cookies to the mix. It's a lot of chocolate, to say the least. But if that's what you're into, it's hard not to love.

While we would never complain about too much chocolate on our plates, this particular flavor might be going a bit overboard on the chocolate. The finished product is super rich and creamy, but there's not really much variety in flavor. By the time you finish a container of this stuff, you might just want to swear off chocolate altogether for the next month or so. For the true chocolate lovers out there, you can't go wrong with the chocolate layer cake Chobani Flip. However, those who prefer a snack that's on the more subtle side, you're probably going to want to ignore this flavor entirely.

12. Rocky Road

What happens when you take a classic ice cream flavor and turn it into a yogurt flavor? Well, it depends what you think of that flavor to begin with. The Rocky Road Chobani Flip flavor isn't our favorite, but we have to admit that it's a pretty appealing combo of ingredients, so we definitely won't judge if you want to check it out. 

Our main issue comes in with the chocolate marshmallow Greek yogurt. While the chocolate flavor is fantastic, we think that the addition of marshmallow makes the snack too sweet. However, if you're looking for a little extra sweetness, those marshmallows may be a part of your perfect bite.

We're glad that Chobani wanted to make sure that this yogurt had plenty of texture in it. The roasted almonds lend the snack a deep, lightly sweet flavor that makes every bite more interesting. Plus, since you have that added layer of crunch, this isn't a variety that will get boring quickly. The pieces of waffle cone also add some nice texture, though they don't do much in the way of flavor. Once you put it all together, you get a yogurt that is unmistakably Rocky Road. If it's your go-to ice cream order, you should give it a try when it's in yogurt form. But if it's not your favorite? You can probably just skip this one entirely.

11. Key Lime Crumble

When you think of the most refreshing desserts, what first comes to mind? Sure, sorbet is up there, and a fruity popsicle isn't bad either. But, at least in the U.S., key lime pie might take the cake for best fresh-tasting dessert. Even though these pies may be packed with sugar, the acidity from the unique flavor of key lime usually balances is out so you're left with a tart-but-sweet slice that functions as the perfect after-dinner bite on a summer night. So it should come as no surprise, then, that you'll get a similar experience if you decide to try a key lime crumble Chobani Flip.

The key lime-flavored yogurt is perhaps slightly less tart than we would have preferred, but ultimately, it still tastes refreshing. The graham crackers add the perfect crunch and make it feel like you're basically just digging into a mashed-up key lime pie. However, we're really not big fans of the addition of white chocolate to the mix. We've had plenty of key lime pies without white chocolate, and honestly, it just seems like a distraction from the most important flavor, which is the lime. We prefer this Chobani Flip variety on hot days when you need a refreshing snack, but it still doesn't come close to our favorite of them all.

10. Coffee Brownie Bliss

If there's one thing we love, it's coffee-flavored anything. But to combine the best breakfast drink of all time with a sweet treat like a brownie? That's truly groundbreaking. That's why we got so excited about the coffee brownie bliss flavor of Chobani Flip. If you love the flavor of coffee, you're going to go wild for this particular Greek yogurt. Sure, that may not sound super appetizing if you're used to plain yogurt that's more sour than sweet, but give it a try, and you'll see why we love it so much.

The additions leave a little to be desired, but overall, the combo they make when they're combined is delicious. Pieces of biscotti biscuit add a nice crunch to the otherwise soft snack. The mocha brownies with their coffee-chocolate flavor profile are out of this world, and we'd love to eat them on their own even without the yogurt. The only place where this flavor stumbled is with the addition of milk chocolate to the mix. It feels superfluous and adds a heaviness and sweetness to the treat that just doesn't need to be there.

That being said, we think this is a fantastic flavor for breakfast and one we hope to enjoy way more in the future.

9. Chocolate Haze Craze

They don't call it Nutella here, but if you're already a Nutella lover, then you probably already know that you're going to enjoy the chocolate haze craze flavor. The best part about this flavor is the fact that it's just so, so simple. You don't have to contend with any random extra ingredients or too much of any one element because these flavors just come together so naturally. 

The chocolate hazelnut yogurt is one of our favorite bases on the entire Chobani Flip line. It tastes distinctly of Nutella, though it might be slightly less sweet (which we think is totally a good thing). They add hazelnuts and a bit of milk chocolate as well. The milk chocolate can taste superfluous and adds an extra layer of sweetness that doesn't always work. However, in this case, it simply provides a little bit of extra texture. What else can we say? It's simple, it's sweet, and it's sure to draw Nutella lovers in immediately. It's perfect for those days when you just want dessert for breakfast.

8. Red Velvet Cupcake

When we first heard about the red velvet cupcake flavor of Chobani Flip, we were immediately skeptical. Sure, red velvet cake is a superior cake variety, but in yogurt form? Once we got a bite of the stuff, though, we realized that it really is a fantastic combo. Chobani smartly went with a cream cheese-flavored yogurt base, far better than an odd red velvet flavor.

The red cake crunch offers the perfect texture to make this treat seem indulgent, but the frosted cake pieces really take things to the next level. We don't always like added frosting in our yogurt, but in this case, it just makes sense. The chocolate cookie pieces felt unnecessary here, but they didn't seem to detract from the final vision. 

This is one of the more indulgent flavors on the Chobani Flip lineup, and we're absolutely here for it. When you're craving red velvet cake but can't even be bothered with a cake mix, this yogurt snack will have you covered.

7. Cookie Dough

Sometimes, you have to keep things simple, and that's just what Chobani Flip's cookie dough flavor does. Blessedly, they did not attempt to make an actual cookie-flavored yogurt here. Instead, Chobani keeps it practical with vanilla Greek yogurt. The cookie dough pieces are nice and generous but still soft, so every bite that incorporates some cookie dough is like a little slice of joy. They also add milk chocolate chips to the mix. We haven't enjoyed that sweet milk chocolate in a lot of other flavors, but it's actually pretty good here considering that you're not getting a lot of chocolate in the actual dough.

The best part, though? The cookie rice crisps. They're perfectly crispy, so you're not just left with the same mushy soft textures in your mouth. The crisps seriously pull the whole vision together and leave you with a dessert yogurt that any cookie lover would adore. Although there are more interesting flavors to be had on the Chobani Flip line, this classic is so simple that it has to come in near the top of the list.

6. Perfect Peach Cobbler

As you've probably already noticed, there are a lot of chocolatey flavors in this lineup. But what if you're not a huge chocolate lover (and can't be bothered to try the banana cream pie)? There are a few options at your disposal, and one of our favorites just happens to be the perfect peach cobbler. This is one of the few Chobani Flip flavors that could be considered relatively acceptable at breakfast, but it still tastes like a straight-up dessert.

The peach Greek yogurt may not sound that appealing, but once you take a bite of it, you're going to see why we're hyping this flavor up. It tastes like taking a bite out of summer without having to worry about fresh peach juice dripping down your arm. The oatmeal pastry pieces really make you feel like you're digging into a pie, while the frosted cinnamon crunch delivers the extra texture you're craving. What's more, the perfect peach cobbler is light enough that it would still be enjoyable on a hot summer day.

For those who don't care for peach, this probably isn't the flavor for you. But if you love stone fruits as much as we do, you may just be blown away by how much you love this cobbler-adjacent snack.

5. Peanut Butter Cup

When you fully intend to enjoy your cup of yogurt as a dessert, you can go ahead and feel free to really treat yourself. And if you want to get as indulgent as possible, you can't go wrong with the peanut butter cup flavor of Chobani Flip. At first glance, this one seems like it may be too over the top. The chocolate and peanut butter yogurt may not sound that appealing, but once you get a taste, you'll realize why it's ranked so high on our list. And that's before the add-ins join the party. With those, you can mix in the peanut butter cups, fudge-coated peanuts, and peanut butter clusters.

You may recall that we didn't much care for the peanut butter dream Chobani Flip, but the addition of so much rich chocolate in this flavor really balances out all that peanut-iness nicely. There's lots of texture and just lots going on in general here, which is why it makes such a fun dessert. Are you going to want to eat this flavor all the time? Probably not. But when you do decide to treat yourself, you might find that you like this yogurt flavor even more than your favorite ice cream.

4. Salted Caramel Crunch

What can we say? We love salted caramel, so we knew we were going to love the salted caramel crunch flavor right away. Sweet, salty, and crunchy — and all in one snack? Sign us up. The caramel-flavored yogurt initially gave us pause, but we found that it was actually really flavorful without being too sweet. The milk chocolate and toffee pieces added a level of intense sweetness that's missing from the yogurt itself. Because it's in such concentrated doses, it works really well without overpowering the entire experience.

The best part of this flavor by far, though, is the pretzels. They add that crunch that you're looking for in a good snack while offering just the right amount of saltiness. When those salty and sweet flavors mix, it all comes together as a perfectly balanced snack. It's simple, it's cohesive, and most importantly, it's salty. This is definitely one of our favorites of the bunch.

3. Boston Cream Pie

Boston is famous for a lot of different foods ... clam chowder, anyone? But if there's one dessert that the city is most famous for, it has to be the Boston cream pie. That may seem like an unexpected flavor for yogurt, but we were happy to discover that Chobani Flip does, in fact, offer a Boston cream pie flavor. And though we were doubtful at first, we came to realize that it had to earn a place in our top three for both creativity and just plain deliciousness.

Using vanilla yogurt as a base gets things off on a simple note, which we love. But then, Chobani immediately turns things up a notch with the yellow cake crunch. The custard clusters are like little bombs of liquid sweetness (in the least weird way possible), while the chocolate chips add that touch of richness a good Boston cream pie always delivers. We think that Boston cream pie is a totally underrated dessert, and so we're ecstatic to see that Chobani is doing it justice by embodying it in yogurt form.

2. Almond Coco Loco

If there's one thing we know, it's that chocolate and coconut is a truly sacred combination. Since the beginning of time, the two foods were meant to find each other, and legend has it that when the first-ever Almond Joy was made, all the angels sang in unison. 

If you're on the hunt for an Almond Joy in yogurt form, look no further than the almond coco loco Chobani Flip flavor. The coconut yogurt is super creamy, which makes the perfect canvas for the honey roasted salted almonds and dark chocolate pieces.

When all of these flavors come together, it makes for a rich and indulgent snack that doesn't feel too heavy. While some of the other flavors on this list are riddled with chocolate, the chocolate in this flavor is used sparingly and to great effect. We already knew that coconut and chocolate tasted amazing together, but we just didn't realize it would work so well in a yogurt.

1. Strawberry Cheesecake

Last but certainly not least, we have our absolute favorite of the bunch: the strawberry cheesecake. Why did this one catch our attention? First of all, anything that's cheesecake-flavored is going to be high on our list. If you can't just enjoy a cheesecake on its own, then cheesecake flavoring is the next best thing in the dessert world. But it seems like Chobani didn't want to overwhelm us because they're not adding chocolate, caramel, or anything else that's too heavy to this yogurt. Instead, they go with sweet, refreshing strawberry. Once we got a taste, we realized what a good choice that was.

The strawberry yogurt is just sweet enough and actually tastes like real strawberries. You don't always get that from strawberry-flavored products, so that's a real plus. The graham crackers and the coated rice crisps add a lot in the way of texture, ensuring that every bite is exciting. Once they add in the creamy frosting chunks, it's game over — they're really the star of the show.

This delicious flavor isn't too over-the-top to enjoy for breakfast, but it definitely tastes like dessert. If you're wondering which Chobani Flip to try first and you love cheesecake as much as we do, we can pretty much guarantee that this one will go down as a hit.