The Time TikTok Lost It Over Mythical Kitchen's Unusual Cheetos Flavor

If you've seen one Cheeto,  then you've probably seen (or eaten) a thousand of them. The sticks of neon-orange crunchiness – or furious red, if the Flamin' Hot variety is your Cheeto of choice – are instantly recognizable in form, taste, and texture. And of course, there's the cheese powder that coats your fingertips – how many snacks leave such an identifiable trace, even after consumption? So, how striking would it be to see a reimagined Cheeto, complete with a different color?  Social media users learned the answer to that question, thanks to Mythical Kitchen, which recently unveiled its own unique flavor for the familiar chip.

For context, the Mythical Kitchen TikTok was spun off of the associated YouTube channel, which in turn was birthed from the YouTube channel Good Mythical Morning started by Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal. Run by chef Josh Scherer, the Mythical Kitchen account posts a variety of videos, including informational cooking videos about surprising ingredients classic sodas used to contain and more comedic videos, like the one where Scherer explains which Pokémon he wants to eat and how he'd prepare them. Does that mean fans got to see a Pikachu-flavored Cheeto? No, but it was something you might not expect.

The mythically odd Cheetos flavor

With a channel that has such a robust selection of content as Mythical Kitchen's, it can be hard to tell which side of the spectrum any video will be. In the case of the unusual Cheetos flavor, it falls on the more comedic side. After lamenting the lack of new Cheeto flavors, Josh Scherer shows off the Freshly Mowed Lawn flavor, a summertime treat that combines kale powder, moringa powder, and roadside grass to create a unique green product. He made sure to cough out a cloud of green Cheeto dust after eating some.

The comment section lost it over the special Cheetos flavor. Some commenters (playfully) inquired about Scherer's wellbeing and whether he was being held hostage by the rest of the Mythical Kitchen staff while a somewhat alarmingly named user, A_is_4_arson, joked, "Josh eat broccoli if the green giant is holding you hostage." Others spoke up in favor of Cheetos, with one commenter saying "they just introduced the Mexican Street Corn flavor, and it's incredible!" A number of people pointed out a connection between this comical flavor and Hank Green's TikTok, which features an ongoing gag in which he mentions how humans should not eat grass – but refuses to actually reveal why to his followers (via Student Edge). Notably, Green was tagged in the Cheetos post. Hopefully, we don't need to wait for a health update from Scherer to learn why human stomachs and grass don't mingle.