Why Some Fans Of Dunkin's Frozen Coffee Might Be Out Of Luck

There's never a bad time of year for iced coffee – at least, that's what 63% of java drinkers said in a 2020 survey conducted by One Poll and Mr. Coffee. However, with CNN reporting that a large portion of the U.S. will be experiencing yet another heat wave next week, some coffee lovers may be looking for an even colder way to get the caffeinated bean juice coursing through their bodies during the upcoming summer months. Luckily, most coffee shops offer some sort of blended java drink that customers can order to beat the heat with while simultaneously getting an energy boost. Starbucks, for example, has its signature Frappuccino, while Dutch Bros' version is known as the Dutch Freeze. Dunkin' also has a selection of Frozen Coffees for customers to choose from – though at least some of those seeking one out in the near future may end up leaving the coffee-and donut giant empty-handed.

Such was the case for one Dunkin' fan on Reddit, who shared that they were unable to get their beloved Frozen Coffee during a recent trip to one of the chain's locations in Maine. "I get there and the guy says 'we don't have frozen stuff anymore, no dunkin does' lmao what?? I just got some the other day?" Reddit user u/weebslayer36 posted on Saturday, June 18. Could this mean that the fan-favorite frozen beverage lineup has seen its last days?

Supply chain issues are to blame for the absence of this Dunkin' favorite

Reddit user u/weebslayer36 had us a bit worried this week after sharing that their local Dunkin' was no longer able to fulfill orders for Frozen Coffees. Making their post even more alarming was a slew of comments from other Dunkin'-loving Redditors in other parts of the country who confirmed that the icy beverages were unavailable in their neck of the woods, as well. "Our store in pittsburgh has been out for two weeks now," wrote user u/Theonly1left867, while another worker from North Carolina claimed their store was on their last bottle of the syrup used to whip up the frozen drinks.

While this may sound like cause for panic, Dunkin' fanatics don't need to start feverishly looking for a replacement for their beloved Frozen Coffee just yet. According to commenters on a separate Reddit thread, Dunkin' has fallen victim to the supply chain issues plaguing much of the food and restaurant industry right now. "There's a national supply issue with Coffee Syrup. Unfortunately, it's a horrible time considering it's summer," u/parxy_art explained. "We aren't entirely sure when we will be getting them back," they added. Though u/TommyPrickles assured fell commenters that the issue was "only temporary." Until they're back, Perfect Brew's copycat Frozen Coffee recipe may help Dunkin' lovers get by, especially as temperatures throughout the country near triple digits next week.