Wendy's Drive-Thru Employees Hate It When You Do This

All hail the fast-food drive-thru. Some days, it's where we get our coffee in the morning, our lunch while on a break at midday, and our pre-supper snack for the commute home.

If time is super tight and you're in a major rush, you might want to hit up KFC and its fast lane. The fried chicken empire came out ahead of nine other fast-food outlets in the drive-thru wait time department, averaging 283.3 seconds — or just over four-and-a-half minutes — according to a study by SeeLevel HX. It could be argued that Chick-fil-A is worth waiting for, but the fried chicken giant came in last of the 10 fast-food brands surveyed (488.8 seconds, or just over eight minutes — ouch). McDonald's, the most popular fast-food chain in the country (per QSR Magazine) came in sixth (349.3 seconds) and Wendy's showed up at eighth (358.7 seconds).

Sometimes, fast food drive-thrus are just what we want and need them to be: fast. Other times they're as slow as ketchup coming out of the jar. And we have to wonder: Is it the restaurant? Or is it a customer with a massive order (order inside, please), a customer fumbling for payment, or a customer dawdling at the pick-up window? There are many things customers do to slow the drive-thru down (per Taste of Home), and one bad habit in particular bothers Wendy's employees.

Tip: don't make changes at the pick-up window

In a subreddit dedicated to anything and everything about Wendy's, Reddit user (and Wendy's employee) Jevey266 dropped a post titled, That's it for my order. It begins with them instructing the customer to pull up to the second window and then describes the many rude and inappropriate asks of the customer — things that can really drag the drive-thru to a halt and frustrate those waiting.

"BTW can I add two more large combos? Can I get three more large Frosties? Can I get no ice on all four of my large drinks?" The list of requests goes on, and ends with the Reddit poster's expletive of a reaction.

Redditors clearly find this sort of behavior offensive. "I shouldn't be surprised people do this but you're a real a****** if you do this. ... I cannot imagine dealing with people who request these types of orders," wrote user sasparaco. Adds Putrid_fox1808: "That's why I always do mobile.”