The Unexpected Place The World's Fanciest KFC Just Opened In

Fast food chains that have been around for years have recently been working hard to present a more upscale appearance. The once-popular colors and patterns of restaurant interiors of past decades have since been replaced with more modern styles, such as high-top tables, hanging lights, and other 21st-century elements. MyMove recently reported that McDonald's announced a redesign with the hope of turning its restaurants into a place that felt more appealing for young adults. And last year, CNN reported that Taco Bell was giving its restaurants a new look to cater to the digital age with smaller dining rooms.

Now, even KFC's new locations are far more desirable for dine-in than they once were. Since 2016, the chain has been making an effort to remodel thousands of spaces to give them a more upscale look, according to Business Insider. The fried chicken giant recently opened a new location in an unexpected spot — and turned an older building that might surprise you into nothing short of a luxury fast-food joint dubbed "the most beautiful" KFC location.

KFC's new location might be its fanciest establishment

Those looking for a luxury fried chicken experience might want to head to Painted Post, New York. The small town is home to what's been referred to as the "Crystal Bucket" — an old bank building that now houses a fancy KFC. According to Nation's Restaurant News, the building features elements that KFC restaurants don't typically see, such as floor-to-ceiling glass windows. It features a cathedral wooden ceiling, too, and since it's an old bank, the brand decided to keep the bank vault. The vault has become an integral part of the restaurant's unique design.

The brand opted to turn the location into a KFC because of the former bank's one-of-a-kind architectural style; its glass windows somewhat resembled a KFC bucket. According to Eat This, Not That! those who have visited the location have referred to it as "the most beautiful KFC in the world." The restaurant opened on May 3, and it doesn't appear that this will be a new KFC design. Though the chain has made an effort to update its restaurants to give them a more luxury feel, the Crystal Bucket location will remain the world's only one of its kind.