The Candy Company With The Most Unusual Flavors

Many snack companies have dipped into releasing unusual flavors to get foodies talking. Jelly Belly horrified Harry Potter fanatics with Harry Potter Jelly Beans that offered flavors like ear wax and vomit. Lay's raised fans' eyebrows and piqued their interests when it released a Chicken and Waffle Fries edition of its classic chips.

While some people may be frustrated when brands try to mix things up, there is a good reason behind companies trying something different with their most well-known products. As noted by a representative of Oreo, which can be considered the champion of releasing new flavors (via People), freshly created twists on a well-known treat can "function as advertisements for the original" (via The New York Times).

But what happens when a brand focuses entirely on creating a host of unusual flavors? One candy company has done just that by producing unorthodox versions of one of the most well-known desserts out there.

Chocolate Storybook gets creative with its cotton candy

As the name suggests, Chocolate Storybook originally only sold chocolates (per Chocolate Storybook). However, when the founders of the brand Steve and Meg Shearer fell into the ownership of cotton candy machines after they took over a wax-wrapped caramel business, Meg wanted to put them to use. Over the span of four years, she curated a host of flavors for cotton candy, and her hard work paid off.

The brand reports it sells "over 50 gourmet flavors," which include Maple Bacon and Unicorn Tales, across the United States. Chocolate Storybook's unconventional cotton candy was also featured by a non-profit dedicated to supporting the specialty foods industry known as The Specialty Food Association (via Specialty Food Association). The association hosts the Fancy Food Show, where creators of unique foods can showcase their products. Chocolate Storybook had a booth at this year's event where curious showgoers could savor unusual treats like pickle cotton candy (per Market Watch), which is, according to their website, the gourmet candy company's best-selling cotton candy flavor.

Chocolate Storybook's pickle-flavored cotton candy also caused the brand to become a sensation on TikTok. Users of the social media app can find countless videos of people bravely trying the green tub of cotton candy under #picklecottoncandy. For those interested in getting a taste of one of these gourmet desserts, you can order your preferred flavor directly off the brand's website.