The Trader Joe's Coffee Ice Cream That Has Reddit Raving

Even though it's been feeling like summer for some time now in many parts of the United States, the season didn't officially kick off until earlier this week on Tuesday, June 21 — and, boy, did it start off with a bang. In a textbook-like fashion, several parts of the country ushered in summer yesterday with yet another heatwave, which CNN says has the potential to break "more than 100 high temperature records" over the course of the next few days. According to the news outlet, over 70% of Americans will experience temps in the 90s this week, and for 20% of that group, the thermometer is expected to hit triple digits. Yikes. And while hundred-plus-degree weather isn't exactly everybody's ideal situation, it does provide the perfect excuse to enjoy some ice cream (not that any of us actually need to justify indulging in the dessert in the first place).

A trip to the drive-thru is one quick and easy way to get your fix of this creamy treat. However, if you don't feel like taking your chances with McDonald's notoriously nefarious ice cream machines, visiting your local Trader Joe's can also do the trick. According to PureWow, the California-based grocery chain has more than 24 frozen desserts for customers to choose from, including one coffee-inspired handheld treat that has especially captured the hearts of TJ's fans on Reddit.

Trader Joe's Brownie Crisp Coffee Ice Cream Sandwiches are an oldie, but a goodie

The Trader Joe's Reddit page is full of posts from shoppers spotlighting their favorite TJ's finds, and this week, the grocer's Brownie Crisp Coffee Ice Cream Sandwiches have been the talk of the town. Taking to the platform on Tuesday, June 21, Reddit user u/PugLuVR06 shared a photo of the ice cream novelties that feature ice cream infused with espresso grounds and "Colombian coffee extract" sandwiched between two brownie crisps for a treat that's "bursting with coffee flavors," per the Trader Joe's website. "Brownie Coffee Crisp..AMAZING!" the Redditor wrote, noting in a later comment that they had only recently discovered the java-inspired dessert after seeing it on Instagram.

In actuality, Delish reports that Trader Joe's Brownie Crisp Coffee Ice Cream Sandwiches actually hit shelves back in 2018. However, that didn't stop other Trader Joe's fans on Reddit from raving about the treats as if they were brand new. "I can confirm that these are delicious," u/Ponkotsu_Ramen commented, while another shopper said they were "so, so delightfully tasty." The desserts have earned glowing reviews elsewhere on the internet as well, including two five-out-of-five star ratings from the bloggers behind Sweet on Trader Joe's.

Despite all the hype around these decadent ice cream sandwiches, there was one Redditor that found a flaw in the fan-favorite TJ's product. "It's near impossible to eat just one," u/KinkyQuesadilla jokingly complained, which, if you ask us, doesn't sound like the worst "problem" to have.