The Unusual Starbucks Order That Had Reddit Joking About Minecraft

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Starbucks has had its fair share of themed and exclusive drinks. Whether it's an officially released product like the Unicorn Frappuccino that caused one barista to post a video venting about the incredible demand for the magical concoction (per USA Today) or what has been quoted by Starbucks' drink makers as one of the "excessive, ridiculous, and disgusting" custom orders they have to prepare (via Business Insider), specialty drinks are the coffee giant's forte. And now it seems an order for Minecraft-themed coffee can be added to the list of Starbucks' unconventional custom-made drinks.

Minecraft, a game where players build the world around them with blocks, was deemed by the Washington Post to be one of the most culturally significant games of the last decade thanks to its simple yet effective gameplay. Its fame has earned it countless fans as well as Minecraft-themed party supplies and a special edition cereal known as Creeper Crunch. Now a coffee drink has been created that would be perfect to pair with a bowl of green Creeper marshmallows. The photographic proof of this crafty Starbucks order is on Reddit and people have hardly been able to contain themselves from making countless references to the game.

Reddit couldn't get over the 'caramel blockiato'

Under the r/starbucks forum of Reddit, Starbucks fans were treated to a thread titled "caramel blockiato." The post, which was created by Redditor @liblets, shows a picture of a very commonplace Starbucks order of a grande caramel macchiato served in a very unusual cube-shaped container. The boxy drink looks similar to the blocks players use in Minecraft, hence the thread's unique name.

However, @liblets explained that the caramel blockiato was not a real customer's order. The Reddit user, who works as a barista at a Starbucks, noted that the Minecraft-esque drink was created by the joint effort of their shift team. Many commenters appeared to be fans of the Starbucks' baristas' sense of humor, and the thread was also filled with homages to Minecraft. One user wrote, "newest minecraft block just dropped." Another posted, "​​Me when someone orders this: 'oof.'" One Redditor even offered an alternative name to the drink: a "Minecraft Macchiato."

While the caramel blockiato tragically won't likely be recreated, Starbucks announced on Instagram that a bright, summer-themed drink is coming to its lineup. You can order a Pineapple Passion Fruit refresher to sip on while creating your ideal Minecraft house or creeper-proof fortress.