Why The Internet Will Never Agree On How To Make A PB&J Sandwich

If your favorite elementary school ritual involved digging into a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at lunchtime you aren't alone. Most children in the U.S. consume 1,500 servings of PB&J before they earn their high school diplomas (via the South Florida Reporter). The delightful classic is such a staple in American households, adamant lovers of the famous combo sandwich can even purchase peanut butter and jelly pre-combined in a single jar (per Smucker's).

Despite its incredible popularity and nostalgic flavor, the peanut butter and jelly sandwich has been unable to escape online controversy. It's not the taste of the sandwich that has people across the internet ready to argue their point, but how the snack is made.

You may be wondering how anyone can mess up preparing a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. After all, it only involves slapping your choice of jelly and peanut butter between two slices of bread. According to social media, however, the art of PB&J making involves a lot more than meets the eye. But while there is a lot of heated debate about the right way to build this vintage favorite from our K-through-12 days, there's a simple reason why the internet will never actually be able to decide on the perfect formula for preparing a PB&J.

There are just too many ways to make a PB&J sandwich

Twitter has had its fair share of disagreements about the best practices for eating and making different foods. For example, a post by Twitter user @RavenElyseTV had baked goods enthusiasts debating over the correct cupcake eating method. And just like this tweet, the PB&J discourse-filled Twitter thread shows that there is no way that a majority can deem one of the numerous ways to prepare pb sandwiches king.

In the PB&J Twitter post that started the unsolvable feud, @CoahlexieAF​​ wrote for people to retweet the post if they felt that "bread then peanut butter and jelly on top on peanut butter than bread" was the right way, or to like the post if they believed "bread then peanut butter, jelly on other piece of bread and place together" was correct. However, the user's tweet settled nothing. While there are 7,016 retweets and 213.9 K likes, the comment section is filled with people fighting for other peanut and butter jelly sandwich-making techniques.

One user wrote, ​​"The right way is to mix the pb and j together then spread on bread." Another stated, "You have this all wrong. Peanut butter on both sides then jelly in the middle." Since the great debate can never be settled, it seems PB&J sandwich fanatics will simply have to keep using the sandwich-making formula that works best for them.