Aldi Shoppers Are Disappointed Over A Hard-To-Find Fan Favorite

Aldi is popular for its wide selection of quick and easy-to-prepare frozen meals. Its frozen food aisle is filled with items for every meal of the day, from frozen berries and hashbrowns for breakfast to healthy quinoa bowls, veggie burgers, and even cheesecake for dessert (via She Knows). However, a few fan favorites seem to stand out above the rest. One such item is the chain's Mama Cozzi's frozen French bread pizzas, which have become quite popular with shoppers. The frozen pizza, which is served atop crunchy French bread instead of traditional dough and is covered in pizza sauce, comes in three different varieties: Supreme, Pepperoni, and Extra Cheese, according to Aldi.

It has long been a favorite of many Aldi shoppers, who have been taken aback by the item's sudden disappearance. While the item used to be a staple in Aldi's freezer section, many shoppers are now reporting they can't seem to find the frozen French bread pizzas anywhere. One curious shopper even recently took to the social media site Reddit to try to find out what happened to one of their favorite frozen meals. A Reddit user asked if Aldi's famous French bread pizzas were discontinued and explained, "I haven't seen them in my area for the past few months ... I need them back."

Aldi shoppers wondered why the French bread pizzas have disappeared

Many of their fellow Aldi fans on Reddit were quick to commiserate in the comments, with quite a few of them agreeing that this particular item had suddenly become difficult to find in their local stores as well. "Been wondering this, too. I miss them!" replied one user. One fan speculated that they might be a seasonal item, but others weren't sure that was the reason for their sudden disappearance. "They have never been seasonal at my Aldi. Consistent product for the last 4/5 years, and they are also missing from ours," shared another user.

However, these French bread pizzas are hardly the only items to have seemingly vanished from stores in recent months, and Aldi is far from the only retailer to be suffering from bare shelves. Ongoing supply chain disruptions, along with inflation, have left many grocery shelves struggling to stock items that they would normally sell, according to Grocery Dive. The disruptions have impacted products in just about every section of the grocery store, from pasta sauce to cereal. So although it has not been confirmed for sure that supply chain problems are the reason behind these disappearing French bread pizzas, it seems unlikely these ongoing issues have helped the matter. And without any word about the disappearance of this fan-favorite item, it seems shoppers will simply have to wait and see if these popular pizzas will make a reappearance at their local Aldi.