The Cracker Barrel Pancakes Instagram Is Raving About

Cracker Barrel is no stranger to breakfast items. From their fresh-made biscuits and gravy to their loaded hash brown casseroles, the chain has been helping fans start their day off right for years, per theĀ Cracker Barrel website. Now, Cracker Barrel has found a way to make their breakfasts even more decadent. The chain has just announced they will be launching a new Stuffed Cheesecake pancake breakfast, which combines all the best parts of dessert into a rich, mouthwatering breakfast.

This new item starts off with Cracker Barrel's signature buttermilk pancakes as a base, which are then stuffed with a "creamy cheesecake filling" and finished off with fresh fruit, powdered sugar, and strawberry syrup, according to PR Newswire. But that's not all. This sweet pancake dish even comes accompanied by two savory sides, two eggs and your choice of either bacon or sausage as the finishing touch. News of this sweet and creamy new breakfast offering reached social media, where fans were quick to express their interest in the indulgent new brunch item.

Cracker Barrel's new Stuffed Cheesecake pancake breakfast is part of the expanded breakfast menu

The official Cracker Barrel Instagram page made a post featuring the new menu item, calling the new Stuffed Cheesecake pancake breakfast "the perfect way to celebrate the first day of summer." And based on the responses, many of their fans couldn't help but agree. Quite a few people responded calling the new pancakes "yummy" and "very delicious." "I need to try this. Looks so good," replied @strawberry_rain13, while another fan confirmed "It's good everyone! Stop by and order some!" "Trying to ruin everybody's diet I see," joked another user.

This new offering comes as part of Cracker Barrel's new, expanded all-day breakfast menu. Other new items include a plant-based Impossible Sausage, the first plant-based protein to be served at Cracker Barrel, as well as a new Spicy Chicken Sausage, according to PR Newswire. The chain is also giving customers the chance to build their own homestyle breakfast, with two eggs cooked, biscuits and gravy, and their choice of meat and a side. However, if social media is to be believed, the new Stuffed Cheesecake pancake breakfast seems to be one of the biggest draws of this expanded new menu.