Fun-Packed Aldi Ice Cream Cones Are Arriving Just In Time For July 4th

This may or may not come as a surprise, depending on whether or not you shop regularly at Aldi. But if you were to look at a list of Aldi foods you need to try before you die, a good number of those foods would fall under the desserts category. Who doesn't love the occasional sweet treat, right? Per The List, some of Aldi's best desserts include its New York-style cheesecake, its chocolate truffles, its macarons (there is indeed a difference between macarons and macaroons), and its ice cream.

While Aldi, of course, sells ice cream in your standard pints, its July 2021 frozen desserts included treats like protein-packed ice cream bars and M&M cookie ice cream sandwiches. This summer, however, Aldi is kicking it up a notch with ice cream cones in not one, not two, but three fun new varieties. Needless to say, Aldi shoppers are over-the-top excited. 

Aldi's summer offerings just got a bit more magical

Instagram account The Amazing Aldi shook up the worlds of Aldi shoppers when it posted about the grocery chain's latest ice cream treats. According to the post, the new ice cream cones come in three varieties: Galactic, Unicorn, and Mermaid.

Before you start wondering what unicorns taste like, rest assured, we have answers. The Unicorn Cones are raspberry and vanilla flavored with raspberry topping, the Galactic Cones are chocolate and vanilla flavored with raspberry topping, and the Mermaid Cones are vanilla flavored with blue raspberry topping (if you didn't know, blue raspberry flavor is really just raspberry, but dyed blue). A box of four sells for approximately $3.99 (via Aldi).

Although these treats can, of course, be enjoyed by all ages, many of the commenters on the IG post were happy parents. One person wrote, "I am so excited for my littles to try these." Another person said, "We loved all the flavors!" A third person commented that they were excited to "spoil" their nieces with the ice cream cones when they come to visit. It's too soon to say, but these cones might just join the ranks of the Aldi foods that have cult followings.