The Iconic Dessert Costco Shoppers Wish Was Available Nationwide

Some brands are local area icons. Quickly marking itself as a New York staple, Junior's opened its cheesecake business on Election Day in 1950. Founder Harry Rosen and Master Baker Eigel Petersen launched a cheesecake legacy based on what it characterizes as simple, yet quality ingredients. Others appear to agree. For instance, the company's website highlights a 1973 Village Voice review by Ron Rosenbaum, who wrote, "There will never be a better cheesecake than the cheesecake they serve at Junior's... it's the best cheesecake in the material world." 

However, it seems that cheesecake praise was not enough for Junior's, which also boasts glowing reviews from New York Magazine and The Wall Street Journal. The brand has expanded from simple cheesecakes to other desserts in a bid to have fans coming back for more variety and flavor.

Speaking of flavors, the taste of cherries has won a lot of people over. Not just any cherries, but Michigan cherries. Michigan Grown shares that its most well-known cherry is the Montmorency tart, which it also describes as "America's Superfruit." In addition to its prized flavor, the Montmorency tart is touted for its potential health benefits. And to the delight of Costco shoppers, they can now eat those cherries in the form of the Junior's Michigan Cherry Layer Cake!

A layer cake that not everyone can find at Costco

Costco Buys has spotted one of these fan-favorite products at their local store. The Instagram account wrote, "Junior's Michigan Cherry Layer Cake is SO GOOD! This includes layers of vanilla cake, Michigan cherry filling, vanilla buttercream, and a vanilla cookie crunch! Grab this DELICIOUS cake for $14.79!" The 7-inch cake definitely has fans excited to find it outside of New York. Follower joannievera reminisced on past cheesecakes: "Juniors was the best place when I used to go."

Many, however, noted that the cake isn't available at their local stores. User i4tgrs asked, "Why is this not in alabama?" while a_m_y_r_i_g_h_t lamented, "Why why why does AZ not get Juniors anything!?" A number of other commenters shared the sentiment of dresmith, who added, "We never get these awesome treats at my local Costco."

Limited distribution seems to be the norm – at least recently – as Redditors expressed similar sentiments about the 2021 cherry layer cake release. Redditors in Southern California and Michigan were unable to find this cherry dessert, but a few other followers had luck at markets in Washington, D.C., and Kansas City.