TikTok Is Thirsty Over Gordon Ramsay's New Beard

If you want to be a famous celebrity chef, you'll need to know how to cook. But if you want to be a famous television chef, there's a bit more to it. Yes, you'll have to be a good cook, but being conventionally attractive doesn't hurt. Just take a look at Gordon Ramsay. Not only does his flagship restaurant Restaurant GordonĀ Ramsay hold three Michelin Stars, but he was also voted "Sexiest Chef in the UK" in 2009 (via Stuff), and "Sexiest Male TV Personality" in the UK in 2021 (via CornwallLive). It's the full package.

Fans often react dramatically when a favorite celebrity shakes up their well-known look, andĀ it sounds like the chef might be craving a little change. He shared a silly video on TikTok showing his reaction to a fan's video that placed a beard app on Ramsay's face, making it look like the chef had grown facial hair. Sometimes this kind of change can invoke horror in fans, but the reaction from viewers this time was overwhelmingly positive.

Fans loved Gordon Ramsay's bearded look

Right out of the gate, fans on TikTok couldn't contain their enthusiasm for Gordon Ramsay's hypothetical new look. "You look stunning," said one commenter. "All those in favor of Gordon growing a beard say 'Aye.' Aye," joked another. Someone said, "That's not Chef Ramsay that's Daddy Ramsay now," and beard care company Beardscape even chimed in to say "Come on! I'll send you all the products you want if you grow a beard!"

But would Ramsay ever actually grow in a beard? Based on the star's reaction to seeing himself with facial hair, it seems unlikely. Furthermore, he included this caption on the video, "This is definitely never happening!! Keep dreaming kid!" It looks like for now, fans of the beard will just have to get used to seeing a whole lot of Ramsay's baby-smooth face whenever he appears on screen, and as one more TikTok commenter wisely said, "Gordon Ramsay is a very handsome man with or without a beard."