Duff Goldman Just Discovered A Pastry With Killer Buttery Flavor

Perpetual jokester and Food Network Star Duff Goldman appreciates a good pun, and never hesitates to share one with his many thousands of social media followers. Just last year, he and wife Johnna led their Twitter followers down a definite "dad joke" path, when Duff told his wife that he was attempting to find a "vinegar mother" for his co-star Valerie Bertinelli. Johnna then asked if a vinegar mother is "the opposite of a sugar daddy." Cue thousands of likes, comments, and general merriment surrounding the loving exchange.

Indeed, Duff seems to have embraced his full potential as a Dad joke teller since the birth of daughter Josephine in January of 2021. During an airing of Kids Baking Championship, one of his followers tweeted, "@duffgoldman with the dad jokes," to which Duff himself replied, "I mean, I *am* a dad." This led another commenter to reply with, "What was your excuse before Josephine?" and another to wonder, "Is it like a curse you get hit with once the baby opens its eyes?" Regardless, Duff's powers seem to only have strengthened since becoming a padre, especially with evidence like a recent punn-y Instagram post. The only potential complication? We're gonna need a bigger plate.

The meme that Duff Goldman just couldn't resist

Duff's "dad joke" spidey sense recently was triggered when he viewed a popular, food-related meme. The picture shows a croissant in the shape of a shark, along with the caption, "hey babe is everything ok you haven't touched your croisshark."

The meme brought no small amount of joy to the baker, who immediately shared it with his Instagram followers along with the caption, "The internet may be the downfall of democracy, intelligence, and morality ... but with gems like this I say it's a small price to pay." Goldman's fans appear to agree with this sentiment. "Social media is the worst thing ever invented — it's ruined humanity. But ... I'm happy I saw this," commented one. Another one described the "eating scenario" with the "Jaws" noises as "imminent." Yet another couldn't resist the obvious, yet still hilarious pun, "I'll bet it's got killer buttery flava!"

Clearly, Duff Goldman knows his audience, hence all of the many likes and comments on this much-shared meme. No doubt the "Kids Baking Championship" host and his fans also walked around the rest of the day singing "Baby Shark."