The Dairy-Free Creamer That Has Cold Coffee Drinkers Excited

The popularity of cold coffee is on the rise. The cold brew coffee market has increased by 26.24% in 2021, and is expected to increase by $1.37 billion by 2025, according to PR Newswire. And now, Califia Farms is meeting this increased demand for cold brew with the launch of their very own dairy-free Iced Café Mixers. The plant-based beverage brand noticed a need for coffee creamers that complement cold brew, and they decided to fill that need with the first-of-its-kind plant-based coffee creamer that is specifically designed to mix well and retain its flavor in iced coffee. These cold brew Iced Café Mixers are made from a rich blend of oat and almond milk. They come in two sweet flavors: Vanilla Sweet Crème and Caramel Crème, each with just 3 grams of sugar per serving, according to VEGWORLD Magazine.

In addition to the rising popularity of cold brew coffee, Califia Farms was inspired to create a café-quality cold creamer thanks to the increased number of coffee fans who are now creating and crafting their own artisanal brews at home. Ever since the pandemic and the rise of remote work, at-home coffee consumption has increased, which "coupled with the generational shift towards cold coffee has made these products an instant hit with retailers," says Suzanne Ginestro, chief marketing officer at Califia Farms.

Califia Farm's Iced Café Mixers generated some buzz on social media

The new Iced Café Mixers will be hitting shelves at retailers nationwide, including Kroger and Target, at a suggested retail price of $4.89 for a 25.4 oz bottle, per VEGWORLD Magazine. Califia Farms took to social media to announce the arrival of these revolutionary creamers. "Get ready to level up your morning sip with our Caramel Crème Iced Café Mixer — all the richness and flavor you love when poured over ice," the brand posted on Instagram, and quite a few of their plant based fans were quick to express their excitement in the comments.

"I got some at Target yesterday! So good!" one fan replied, while others called the new creamers "sweet" and "yum." "She's gorgeous," joked @bethmathews. "Love love love the blonde cold brew! This looks like the perfect compliment, can not wait to try," Instagram user @ellis.mozelle wrote on another Instagram post, while another fan posted "Omg I'm so hyped to try this!!" So based on these social media responses, there certainly seems to be a demand for Califia Farm's newest Iced Café Mixers.