The BBQ Hack That's Perfect For Avoiding Condiment Messes

There are a number of necessary elements to hosting the perfect backyard barbecue and plenty of preparation is required. Of course, making sure the grill is loaded with propane or coals is paramount; loaded burgers and hot dogs are just a few recipes that are perfect for the grill. Plus, a cooler full of cold drinks is a must so guests can enjoy each other's company and beat the heat.

Something some people tend to forget about, though, is the all-important toppings bar. After all, most people have varying preferences for how they want their burgers and dogs. Some prefer cheese and all the works on a burger, while others stick with a dollop of ketchup. And the battle between whether ketchup or mustard is the appropriate condiment for a hot dog will always be a hot topic (at least on Reddit). Whichever you prefer, if you're planning to have friends over during grilling season you may be missing out on one huge condiment hack that will change the way you prep.

Organize your condiments in a muffin tin

If you thought your muffin tin could only be put to use in the kitchen, think again. Real Simple suggests taking it outside as a portable condiment bar for your next barbecue. Each muffin holder can be filled with a condiment; ketchup and mustard are musts, but depending on the size of your party, you can also fill the holders with different toppings such as chopped onion, pickle chips, or sliced cherry tomatoes. The best part? By the time you're done, cleanup is as easy as washing the muffin tin out versus having to clean multiple bowls or dishes.

Once the condiments are set, consider other outdoor party hacks to make sure the guests — and you — have the best time possible. Travel Mamas suggests planning ahead for darkness by hanging outdoor lights. Also, setting up a snack table separate from the kitchen or grill ensures people aren't crowding around you and breathing down your neck while you cook the best barbecue.