The Exclusive Taco Bell Snacks Reddit Swears Are Real

While TikTok is full of trendy videos about customers ordering off of fast food chains' secret menus, others may be more intrigued by these restaurants' more exclusive offerings that can only be found in select locations. For example, McDonald's only offers panzerotti, a fried calzone filled with melted mozzarella and tomatoes, at its Italy locations. Over at Starbucks, fans of the coffee chain's pleasingly pink cherry blossom drinks can only taste the floral flavor in lattes and Frappuccinos for a limited time in Japan each year.

Exclusive food offerings aren't limited to international menus. Occasionally, there comes a time when a new dish is unveiled exclusively at a fast food location in the U.S. Now, two surprising new snacks have recently appeared at a single Taco Bell location in California, causing quite the stir in the Reddit community. Not only did they arrive without prior notice to customers, but they also contain an ingredient that's very rarely seen at Taco Bell.

These Cheez-It menu items can only be found at one Taco Bell location

Two exclusive new Taco Bell snacks, the Big Cheese-It Tostada and Big Cheez-It Crunchwrap, were screenshotted and shared on Reddit. The original poster seemed to be seeking counsel from fellow Redditors to see if the two snacks were fake menu items. One commenter responded, "I thought so until I checked this specific restaurant in the app. Somehow it's real." Another user wrote, "Wow. This is real if you set your location to Irvine, CA in the app." A post from Taco Bell on Facebook confirms the news, announcing on June 28 that the the Big Cheese-It Tostada is being tested at the 2222 Barranca Parkway restaurant in Irvine, California. The Big Cheez-It Crunchwrap can be found on the location's website.

As for how they taste, another Redditor posted a full review. U/guythatismine gave the tostada, which features an oversized Cheez-It base topped with taco meat and other fixings, a nine out of 10 despite its "messy" nature. "If you like cheese, then you WILL enjoy the tostada. As a cheese lover myself I will be coming back for that tostada because it was delicious!" they wrote. They found the Crunchwrap, meanwhile, to be "underwhelming," as the nacho cheese, tortilla, and other classic Crunchwrap ingredients hid the flavor of the Cheez-It inside. It remains to be seen whether these Cheez-It dishes will make it past the testing round, though u/guythatismine seems to think they won't last long.