TikTok Is Disgusted By A Karen Who Didn't Tip On A $650 Food Order

The internet contains countless stories of rude customers, some antagonizing enough to be labeled as "Karens." As BBC explains it, Karens are customers who feel entitled to "belittle service industry workers," be it through micro-aggressions or full-on screaming fits. For instance, TikTok lost it over one Mexican restaurant Karen who flipped out on a manager for conversing in Spanish with a fellow employee. Similarly, TikTok wasn't impressed by a McDonald's drive-thru Karen who held up the line so her husband could cut in ahead of other customers. Not cool.

More recently, another Karen went viral on TikTok for being exceptionally rude to restaurant employees. Many of us know a thing or two about being hangry — that's the totally scientific phenomenon of hunger bringing forth anger, according to NBC News — but this Karen took it to a whole new level. We're talking rudeness, impatience, and the deliberate decision to not tip on her very labor-intensive order. 

This Karen wanted a full catering order in 45 minutes

TikToker Dean Redmond had a moment in the limelight after he posted a story time video about a particularly troublesome Karen. According to his TikTok, this customer had ordered $650 in sandwiches from his unnamed restaurant, wanting all of the meals wrapped separately, labeled with each person's name, and ready in 45 minutes. The takeout order also came in during the lunch rush at 12:15 p.m. and had multiple alteration requests. The kicker? When Redmond asked for an additional 15 minutes to prepare the order, the customer refused, instead coming in and giving him the cold shoulder until her order was complete. After all this, Karen left without tipping.

To make matters worse, Karen soon returned to complain that Redmond had purposefully left out pickles from the order. In his video, Redmond says the pickles were simply forgotten in the rush to complete the 26-item order. However, Karen stuck to her story and wrote a negative review directed at Redmond. One TikTok viewer summed the situation up by saying, "People want catering on short notice from non-catering oriented services and get mad that they don't get catering service." Another person commented that a nearly impossible order like this "requires at least 72 hours' notice."