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34% Of Americans Prefer This Cheese Brand Over Kraft In New Survey

Mac and cheese, grilled cheese, cheese quesadillas, oh my! Humans may have started eating cheese about 7,500 years ago, but the flavorful dairy product has been adding joy to our meals for as long as most of us can remember. As lovers of all things cheesy, many Americans know the importance of buying a solid cheese brand. According to Refinery 29, the U.S. puts away around 35 pounds of cheese per person every year. While the country is clearly all aboard the cheese train, which company stands to benefit most from this delicious demand?

If you base your preference for cheese off of brand popularity, one look at Amazon's list of best sellers for American cheese would lead you to believe that Kraft is the outright winner. But despite how well known and how frequently bought Kraft is, a recent poll by Mashed found that Americans may not actually favor this cheese empire the most after all.

Sargento captured American cheese fans' hearts

It seems like popularity isn't everything among American cheeses. In a Mashed poll of 526 U.S. respondents, Sargento ranked highest as the best brand of cheese. According to the company's website, Sargento was the first to produce prepackaged sliced and shredded cheese. The company also appears to have earned the distinction of being the best cheese choice for many Americans, winning 34.03% of the vote in our survey.

The cheese brand that took the silver medal was, of course, Kraft. The cheese giant with a name recognized in seemingly every American household took 23.57% of the vote. Tillamook placed in a very close third with 23.38% of respondents backing the brand, and Vermont-based Cabot came in fourth at 11.41%. The cheese seller landing in last place with 7.6% of the vote was Borden, the smiling cow company that spearheaded the use of glass milk bottles (per Borden). While Americans may have their preferred choice of cheese, you're sure to satisfy your cheese craving with any of these brands, no matter which is at the top of your list.