The UK Restaurant That Transports Diners To Gotham City

When it comes to dining out, modern-day foodies have become ravenous for uniquely themed restaurants. In Japan, Brasserie Kyushoku Toban offers its guests the chance to feel like a kid again by giving them the opportunity to experience what lunchtime is like at a Japanese elementary school (per Atlas Obscura). In the United States, enthusiasts of the delightfully dark can enjoy food and atmosphere inspired by masters of horror like Tim Burton and Alfred Hitchcock at Beetle House. And now the UK is honoring DC's Dark Knight with a restaurant that has brought the fictional Gotham City to real life.

Batman has been garnering a fan following since his original comic book appearance in the late 1930s (per DC Comics) and in the years since he first started cleaning up the streets of Gotham, there have been as many different renditions of the iconic city as there have been of the popular hero. Fans may be wondering what version of Gotham this restaurant adapts, and lucky for them, the Batman-inspired restaurant doesn't choose just one.

Park Row explores the many sides of Gotham City

Based in London, Park Row offers its guests the opportunity to become a part of Batman's world. According to Delish, fans stepping into the restaurant will be able to explore five different homages to the villain-run Gotham. One section, Pennyworth's, is named for Alfred Pennyworth, Batman's infamous butler. Another bar, Old Gotham City, is themed as the prime place for the city's most questionable criminals to gather. Those on the lookout for Gotham's famous villains can enjoy the recreation of an establishment run by the Penguin, known as the Iceberg Lounge, or peruse the Rogue's Gallery, which is decorated to honor other iconic Batman antagonists, such as Catwoman. 

The last part of Park Row's rendition of Gotham is a more exclusive space. The Monarch Theater, where Bruce Wayne's parents met their untimely end, gives guests what is described by the Monarch Theater's Instagram account as a "one-of-a-kind, fully immersive menu experience. 

Decor aside, Park Row's dining options are also filled with nods to the Batman universe. With everything from a Riddler-themed dessert to a scallop dinner created in honor of Two-Face, one trip to London's very own Gotham will have you thinking vengeance has never tasted so good.