The Gordon Ramsay Post That Had Instagram Divided

Gordon Ramsay definitely isn't someone who avoids controversy. Famed for his insults as much as his cooking, the celebrity chef has served up more than his fair share of scathing criticisms to unsuspecting victims.

Given Ramsay's tendency for aggressive verbal outbursts (which once reached 302 swear words during the course of his National Geographic show "Uncharted" — an average of one expletive every minute, according to The Sun), only someone bursting with bravery (and foolishness) would dare criticize his culinary choices. But that's exactly what Instagram users were doing on a post showing Ramsay's version of a beef Wellington.

In an Instagram video viewed nearly three million times, Ramsay publicized a beef Wellington made by chefs at his upmarket Savoy Grill restaurant in London. The clip showed thick, bronzed pastry being sliced to reveal dark pink beef inside, and red juice from the meat oozing out underneath (it looks like blood, but is actually a protein called myoglobin, explains the New York Post). Although Ramsay described it as "stunning", many Instagrammers were keen to voice their concerns.

Viewers argued Gordon Ramsay's beef Wellington was raw

A simple description of "raw" became one of the most popular reactions to Gordon Ramsay's beef Wellington on Instagram, which was a theme throughout the post. "It's still alive," one user chided, while another joked "I'm sure it's still mooing and eating grass." One viewer attacked the pastry, saying it looked soggy, and a further comment asked "why do people enjoy the blood?" — which people were quick to point out was myoglobin.

Viewers also argued that Ramsay's beef Wellington wasn't undercooked, with one judging it to be "spot on", and another saying "we need this again in our lives." "This looks amazing" was the verdict of one Instagram user, while a different commenter condensed their thoughts into "yum." "Too many idiots think they are trained chefs!" lamented one comment replying to an opinion about the dish being raw.

Whatever your views on Gordon Ramsay's beef Wellington, you'll have to fork out a lot of cash to eat it. The menu for the Savoy Grill restaurant details a Classic beef Wellington with red onions and red wine sauce as costing £55 (approximately $68). Many of us would start swearing after seeing that.