Cereal Fans Are Searching For These Retro-Vibe Apple Jacks

If you were alive in the '90s, then you probably remember Nickelodeon's famous slime. While no one was exactly sure what it was (it turns out it was a combination of "vanilla pudding, oatmeal, applesauce, and green food coloring," according to Delish) watching it get dumped on celebrities was a signature part of growing up in the 1990s. A bath in the bright green goo was punishment for guests who got answers wrong on Nickelodeon game shows like "Double Dare," "Wild and Crazy Kids," and "Weinerville," but it was probably most famous for its frequent appearance sliming celebrity guests on the Kids' Choice Awards, according to Nickelodeon Fandom.

Even today, that distinct, slightly radioactive-looking green color is sure to bring a sense of nostalgia to anybody who remembers watching Nickelodeon as a kid. And now, Kellogg's is bringing back that childhood nostalgia with the launch of their newest cereal flavor, Apple Jacks Nickelodeon Slime. The brand promises that this special edition cereal "turns milk green right before your eyes," just like Nickelodeon's famous slime, via Kellogg's.

Fans loved the nostaligic vibe of this slime cereal

The Instagram account @candyhunting made a post alerting their followers to this nostalgic new cereal find. "New Nickelodeon Slime Apple Jacks cereal is out now! The cereal is green apple flavored and turns cereal milk green," they wrote. They went on to tell their fans this find was discovered at Walmart, and many of their followers seemed excited to go out and purchase their own retro box of this unique Apple Jacks offering, with many commenting that they "need" this new product.

Rather than delivering the classic flavor combination of apples and cinnamon that Apple Jacks fans know and love, this new cereal is mixing things up with a burst of tasty green apple flavor in every spoonful, according to Ghostbusters News. Green dye turns any remaining milk in the bowl a bright green — Nickelodeon's slime-esque color — and is the finishing touch for this sweet, nostalgic cereal. Quite a few former Nick fans were quick to express their excitement over this new item on social media. "This is AWESOME!!! Looks like it's time to go cereal hunting!" replied the aptly named Instagram account @saturday_morning_nostalgia. "Woahhh how cool! Super nostalgic vibes," agreed @dncsnacksterz. "Take me back to my childhood," joked another user, while others called the cereal "so cool" and "a must have." So it seems this new flavor of Apple Jacks is already turning the heads of '90s babies everywhere who want to revisit fond memories of their childhood.