Natural Light Wants To Give You The Beer That You Were Promised This Summer

Imagine: You booked a vacation rental under the premise that it would come with lots of "natural light." Upon arrival, you open the refrigerator and — quelle horreur — there's not a single can of Natural Light beer to be found there, in the pantry, or even the cooler in the backyard. You're not the only one who has envisioned this scenario, as Natural Light is filing a claim against this "false advertisement" on behalf of all people who didn't get their due at check-in, according to a press release sent to Mashed.

To be fair, actual false advertising can be a pretty big sticking point. Yogurt company Dannon had to pay $45 million for what turned out to be unproven claims that its Activia yogurt is "scientifically" and "clinically" proven to aid digestion and help the immune system, says ABC News. Energy beverage company Red Bull also settled a lawsuit after a customer said their product did not give him wings or boost his athletic abilities as advertised. (The brand's slogan was "Red Bull gives you wings.") The company paid a settlement of $13 million to "avoid the cost and distraction of litigation." 

Natty — or, at least, Natty's lawyers — must have heard these stories, as they've clarified that the light beer campaign is a tongue-in-cheek experience designed to actually benefit consumers.

Here's how to get free Natural Light

Natural Light's new campaign features a whimsical "commercial" from the offices of Maurice "Mo" Biers & Associates, filmed in the same dizzying vein as so many actual class-action lawsuit advertisements. According to press materials sent to Mashed, a simple Google search is all it takes to find thousands of vacation rental properties that list "natural light" as a selling point, "some so audacious in their misdirection as to put it in the title of the listing," Natural Light claims.

Per the commercial, anyone disappointed by the lack of Natty Light in their rental home can easily and quickly realize their "right to natural light" by texting "NONATTY" to 404040 by July 31. Alas, as if hearing the sound of other lawyers pounding on their doors, the authors of the Natural Light announcement tacked on a piece of fine print reading, "This is clearly a joke, but our legal team is making us put this disclaimer anyway." After what Red Bull went through, who can blame them?