The Best Horseradish Sauces You Can Find At The Store

You may have gone out to restaurants and ordered a nice plate of ribs or roast beef and experienced a surprising kick upon eating the dish. You may have not been able to pinpoint what that fiery taste came from st first, but soon came to realize that it came from the white, creamy horseradish sauce that accompanied the meat. Horseradish has a quick fading note of spice, much like wasabi, so you'll commonly find horseradish sauce being used in fake wasabi blends (via Make Sushi), as well as roast beef dishes, or a smørrebrød sandwich. In general, there's a good chance you've had horseradish sauce before, even if you didn't know it at the time.

Horseradish sauce isn't just a condiment you'll find at fancy restaurants. You can also find it online and in grocery stores, so if you want the spicy, flavorful sauce on your sandwiches or other meals, you can do so with ease. There are actually loads of different horseradish sauces being sold across the country, so you should have no trouble finding it — but it may take a bit of work to find a good one. Fortunately, we've made this task a little easier for you by compiling a list of some of the best horseradish sauces you can shop for and buy, so the next time you need some horseradish sauce, you'll know which brands to look for.

Boar's Head

The first horseradish sauce we have on this list is made by Boar's Head. You may know Boar's Head for its roasted deli meats, cheeses, and pickles, but it also makes loads of condiments among its other products. Along with its mayo and mustards, you can find a Pub Style Horseradish Sauce, which is described as having the savory, fiery flavor of any good horseradish sauce, yet is light enough as to not overwhelm any dish you choose to add it to, such as beef tenderloin or London Broil. This horseradish sauce is gluten-free and has no caramel color or MSG added to it.

You can find this horseradish brand both online and in your local grocery stores. It's described by reviews as having a stronger horseradish taste, with great texture and flavor (via Amazon). It's also got a more authentic taste to it, like something you'd find at a pub or sandwich shop. This condiment comes in a smaller bottle than some of the other horseradish sauces, so you may have to get more than one so you don't run out of it quickly. However, it's creamy, spicy, and the perfect condiment to add to your next sub sandwich or whatever you want to add a nice horseradish kick to.

Reese Horseradish Sauce

In 1939, Max H. Ries left his home in Germany for Chicago, and ever since then, his company, Reese, has produced a variety of products, from stuffed anchovies to specialty vegetables (via Reese). The company also sells a line of horseradish products, including a jarred horseradish sauce. It's described as a wonderful condiment to complement broiled or roast beef and is made out of grated horseradish roots. You can find this small jar of horseradish sauce through online shopping sites, and you can locate it on store shelves as well.

This is a much heavier horseradish product than most of the other sauces on this list, and the nutrition label reflects that (one serving has 130 calories). However, this makes it filling, and a great spread to lightly add to a sandwich or salad. Because it's a bit heavier than your typical horseradish sauce, we wouldn't recommend adding this to a larger dinner or lunch unless you're really hungry. That being said, it does wonders with lighter dishes and adds a bold, heavy, and spicy flavor to whatever it's added to. If you're hoping to liven up your next salad or even spread something zesty on your next slice of toast, then this sauce will help make your meals much tangier.

St. Elmo Steak House Creamy Horseradish

You may be used to seeing Worcestershire sauce being used on steak, but horseradish sauce is another condiment that you might find commonly used with steak recipes, so it's only natural that a steak house would offer horseradish sauce. St. Elmo's Creamy Horseradish sauce is referred to as the "Slammer Sauce" by the St. Elmo's grill cooks and has been served with its filet sliders and prime rib for several decades, so you know that you're in for a good condiment.

St. Elmo's horseradish sauce is described on the bottle as being made for prime rib and filet sliders as well as being great for roast beef, sandwiches, and dipping sauces. You can find this sauce in grocery stores like Walmart, though if it's not in stock in any of your nearby stores, you can also purchase it on Amazon by the bottle or in bulk. If the St. Elmo's steak house experts think their sauce is good enough to serve in their Indiana-based restaurant, then you can be sure that whatever steak or sandwich you want to add horseradish to will be made spicy, creamy, and full of flavor.

Inglehoffer Cream Style Horseradish

When a company has been in the business for almost a century, there's a good chance that the products it carries are pretty great. The Beaverton Foods company has been operating for 90 years (via Beaverton Foods), with a long list of condiments as proof of its success. Among Beaverton's products is Inglehoffer Cream Style Horseradish sauce, which the company claims to be America's first shelf-stable cream-style horseradish sauce. It's made out of fresh, hot, grated horseradish roots. It also is listed as having a thick, creamy texture, perfect for all your recipes that call for a spicy horseradish sauce.

This brand is a bit more difficult to find in stores, but you can still shop for it online if you aren't able to find it. Admittedly, it contains high fructose corn syrup, so this horseradish sauce is a little sweeter than your typical sauce, according to some reviews on Amazon. However, it's still got that wonderful spicy tang that you'll get from any good horseradish sauce and is very flavorful. Some might argue that the sweetness gives the sauce an extra unique hint of flavor, so you'll likely enjoy this sauce if you choose to add it to your meat or vegetable dinners.

Kraft Horseradish Sauce

When you think of the name Kraft, it's reasonable that your first thoughts would turn to its delicious and popular mac and cheese. However, mac and cheese isn't the only delicious product Kraft makes. The brand also sells a surprising variety of condiments, including the Kraft Horseradish Sauce. This spicy sauce comes in your typical Kraft condiment bottle and is easy to squeeze, spread, and enjoy. Of all the horseradish sauces on this list, Kraft's is the one you'll most likely come across in stores like Walmart. You can also purchase it online through Amazon as well.

Not only is this horseradish sauce easy to find in stores, but it also has incredible flavor. It has the consistency of mayo and is spicy, tangy, and savory. Reviewerss on Amazon praise this sauce and say they put it on their sandwiches, salads, and other snacks and meals to enjoy. One reviewer writes that while most spicy sauces like horseradish focus too much on the heat, this particular horseradish sauce manages to be both spicy and flavorful all at once. If you're a fan of Kraft's other foods and condiments and you like spicy sauces that are full of flavor, then Kraft's horseradish sauce will help you craft the perfect meals.


Another condiment company that you'll find selling a tasty horseradish sauce is Beano's. Beano's sells loads of sub dressings, sauces, and mustards, and among them, you'll find a Heavenly Horseradish Sauce. This comes in a squeezable bottle filled with a creamy, zesty horseradish spread, which you can find both online and in supermarkets. You can find it in either a larger, 32-ounce bottle or a smaller 8-ounce bottle, depending on how much horseradish you think you'll need, though you're more likely to come across the 8-ounce bottle both online and in stores.

As the name suggests, this horseradish sauce tastes heavenly. It's blended with numerous spices and full of the tangy flavor any good horseradish sauce has. It's great for any sandwich, salad, or dip you need the sauce for. One reviewer on Walmart's online website wrote that this horseradish sauce was recommended to them by a deli and that they enjoyed it a whole lot. If this horseradish sauce is deli-certified, then there's a good chance that the good things you may have heard about this brand are true. We highly recommend you try out this horseradish sauce on your next salad or as a dip for your next snack.


The Old Original Bookbinder's Restaurant used to be a required stop in Philadelphia. Ever since the 1800s, this restaurant served its delicious meals to the public, but the restaurant sadly closed in 2009 (via Bookbinders). Now the company offers numerous different condiments in grocery stores and supermarkets, including a Sassy, Creamy Horseradish Sauce. The sauce is traditionally served with roast beef, though it's listed as also being a good condiment to pair with meats, fish, and even pasta. Among the ingredients listed, you'll find lemon juice, paprika, and other spices, which make for a tangy, spicy horseradish sauce.

Bookbinder's take on the vegetable-based sauce is creamy, tart, and tastes strongly of horseradish. It's surprisingly strong, so we recommend you be wary if you're looking for a lighter sauce. We enjoyed the boldness, though, and could definitely see ourselves pairing this condiment with roast beef, salmon, baked potatoes, or any of the other dishes listed by Bookbinder's. You can find this horseradish sauce both in stores and online for purchase. If you feel like adding a bit of spice and tang to your next dish, we highly recommend you try Bookbinder's horseradish sauce out, because you're in for a tangy treat.

Woeber's Sandwich Pal Horseradish Sauce

Horseradish sauce is great for roast beef and salads. It's also an excellent condiment to spread onto a couple pieces of bread, and make a spicy, tangy sub sandwich with, and with Woeber's Sandwich Pal horseradish sauce, you can do just that. There are numerous condiments under the Woeber's name, several of them being horseradish sauces. Although the crazy beet horseradish and the smoky horseradish are intriguing, you can't really beat Woeber's classic, cream-colored horseradish sauce. This signature sauce is made with fresh ground horseradish and is as delicious and appetizing as you'd expect any good horseradish sauce to be.

Living up to its name, Sandwich Pal's horseradish sauce improves just about anything between two slices of breas. The ground horseradish is blended with spices and made into a creamy sauce, perfect to enjoy in a marinade, dip, or sandwich spread. The extra spices really give this condiment an extra kick of heat, and have been made in the same tasty, traditional style for over 100 years. You can find this sauce online through grocery websites if you don't happen to see it at your local grocery stores, so if you're ever feeling cravings for a sharper tasting sauce, why not give the Sandwich Pal horseradish condiment a try?

Great Value

There's nothing quite like stepping into Walmart and admiring the vast displays of almost every product you could imagine. Walmarts seem to have just about everything you need, and even if you can't find the particular brand you're looking for, you can always rely on Walmart to have its house Great Value brand, which, like the store itself, seems to make a little bit of everything. This includes condiments, and among them, you can find the Great Value Original Horseradish sauce. It's just as zesty as some of the other horseradish sauces you'll find in stores, but it's sold at a cheaper, more convenient price.

Walmart's horseradish sauce is a spicy and spreadable way to add extra flavor to pretty much any savory meal you want. There are 60 calories per serving, so it's a little heavier than some of the other sauces on this list, but that makes for a pretty filling condiment. It comes in a squeezable bottle, so not only is it conveniently priced, but it's also easy to use. You'll probably be able to find this in just about any Walmart you go to, and even if it's sold out, you can find it on the Walmart website for a low, affordable price. If you've never tried horseradish sauce before and don't want to waste too much cash in doing so, then this sauce is the perfect way to test out the condiment.

Silver Spring Horseradish Sauce

Another horseradish sauce that you may have come across in grocery stores is Silver Spring. Silver Spring is a company that specializes in mustards and other condiments, so you know the sauces it carries are bound to be good. The brand has got numerous horseradish products for you to purchase and use, including this sassy sauce, which is described as a condiment that will offer a delicious spin on your favorite meals and turn them into culinary masterpieces. You'll likely come across this particular horseradish sauce in most grocery stores, so it's easy to find and add to your next lunch or dinner dish.

This horseradish sauce tastes great. It's also decently priced, so you'll find yourself with a good deal when it comes to this sauce. As for the flavor, this sauce is mild and creamy, with a smooth, spreadable consistency perfect for sandwiches and hamburger buns. It isn't too thick, so you could also use it as a dip for chips or your favorite vegetables. The reviews for this product are great, with many consumers agreeing that the spicy horseradish taste isn't painfully overwhelming, making for a balanced, versatile condiment that isn't too hot but is full of flavor.

Hickory Farms

This next bold and zesty horseradish sauce comes from none other than Hickory Farms. Hickory Farms offers many different condiments, though we'd argue that the horseradish sauce is one of the more underrated sauces that it carries. Its gourmet horseradish sauce, which is made with a touch of horseradish root, is suggested to be paired with a grilled sausage dish or crab cakes. It's less firm than mayonnaise, and has a consistency similar to ketchup or a salad dressing, so it's easy to top a dinner with or spread on some sliced bread or a sandwich.

This horseradish sauce has a lot of praise, with many claiming that it has a lovely horseradish taste, with a hot, spicy, but balanced flavor. Like most of the other horseradish sauces on this list, we could easily see ourselves using this on a beef meal, or practically anything that calls for a good horseradish sauce. One reviewer writes on Amazon that the sauce "goes well on almost any kind of meat but especially a good cut of beef. The taste is wonderful." If you're looking for a good horseradish product, you'll be happy to know that Hickory Farms has it.

Robert Rothschild Farm Onion Blossom Horseradish

The Robert Rothschild Farm has been making its condiments from scratch ever since the 1970s and slow cooks all of its products in an old-fashioned but delicious manner. It has two horseradish sauce products: a classic Horseradish Sauce and Spread, which is perfect to go on a prime rib or burger patty, and a creamy Onion Blossom Horseradish sauce, which takes the rich, flavorful bite of onion and combines it with the spicy horseradish sauce. This creates a harmonious blend of flavors.

This sauce is great to use as a dip, spread, or anything in between. It's a little more expensive than your typical condiment, but it's arguable that the sweet, spicy flavor is worth the extra cost. One reviewer on Amazon writes that the Onion Blossom Horseradish sauce has a zesty flavor, with a bright, cream color that goes along with the creamy texture of the sauce. If you're looking for a high-quality, flavorful horseradish sauce, then this brand's take on the condiment is perfect for you.


The last condiment we have on this horseradish sauce list is Kelchner's Creamy Horseradish Sauce. Kelchner's has a variety of different sauces, marinades, and horseradish products, with this particular sauce being a creamier, black pepper-infused sauce. If you go to look at the ingredients list of this sauce, then you'll be excited to learn that the main ingredient used in this sauce isn't water or oil, but horseradish. Since the horseradish is the first ingredient, you know that each spoonful of this sauce will be filled with the zesty, tantalizing flavor that a good horseradish condiment should have.

The extra note of black pepper creates a hot, spicy combination, but not overwhelmingly so, allowing you to pick up the flavorful side of the sauce, as well. You could mix this into any sort of salad, use it to top your scrambled eggs for breakfast, or even as a dip for pretzels and salty chips. You can find many reviewers online claiming that this horseradish sauce is the best they've had, praising its flavor and creaminess (via Amazon). Just as this brand's sauce is a wonderful way to top off this list, it's also a fantastic condiment to top your next snack or meal with.