The Free Website That Helps Consumers Avoid Ultra-Processed Foods

Food shopping is a minefield today, with cholesterol and high blood pressure time bombs colorfully packaged in the wrappers of our favorite (ultra-processed) unhealthy food brands. Each comes with a list of ingredients or "nutritional values" printed so finely, that reading before buying your product, is just impractical. 

It's probably the reason that nobody seems to have the time to do a bit of reading before tossing food products into their shopping carts. According to the British Medical Journalultra-processed foods are linked to health issues, one of which is cancer. And somehow, the more food-conscious society becomes, the more these dangerous forms of nutrition flood the market and find their way into our pantries. 

Fortunately, somebody as concerned as us has come up with a solution to this dilemma and launched a free website allowing the diligent shopper to read up — not only on different types of food, but also the brands.

The True Food Website

The True Food website is user-friendly with a simple rating system and allows viewers to get information on popular foods quickly.

This website has no blogs or content to create traffic. It hosts no adverts, neither does it partake in affiliate marketing nor does it attempt to generate capital. Its goal, in its own words, is to "help select less processed foods in grocery stores." It has only the essential information, arranged plainly and understandably.

At a glance, its list of products seems exhaustive. It has numerous categories that range from pasta to baby food, and you even get to choose your store. At the moment there are only three stores: Target, Walmart, and Whole Foods. At the top right, the site has a little basket icon, click on it, and you will be able to compare products or brands. Next to the basket icon is the menu: What is True Food? This is where you learn to use the site's basic rating system and see how they display the ultra processed foods' scores.