Why Starbucks' Cold Beverage Offer Left Baristas Feeling Heated

Everybody loves discounts, but when it comes to Starbucks' latest special on cold beverages, it seems like the word love just does not cut it.

Starbucks started its latest promotion on July 5, 2022, per Guilty Eats, and it applies to every Tuesday of the month (that means four days in July). According to Elite Daily, the coffee franchise is cutting 50% off all handcrafted beverages bought by its Free Rewards members. This promotion does not require program members to accumulate the usual 250 (or any amount of stars) before receiving their free drink, per Starbucks.

According to Coffee at Three, the 50% special applies to any size of iced drink and allows for customizations. All that you have to do is inform the barista that you would like the 50% discount. Additionally, the discount applies to deliveries, and if you are a member, you will be eligible for what Starbucks calls its "Summer TuesYays" discount.

Starbucks Booming Business

A Starbucks employee and content producer famous for his TikTok videos on his experiences as an employee at the empire-like coffee franchise, posted again on July 5, 2022. He lamented the high-pressure situation on the service side of the counters caused by the onslaught of enthusiastic Starbucks fans.

His video showed "Captainxhen"(himself) supposedly taking a break with the caption: "Bruhh it's been super busy and I work at a cafe Starbucks" and a text overlay: "Is anyone else's Starbucks getting slammed hard today because of a 50% coupon?" Apparently yes. One of the Tiktokker's followers admitted to being part of the throngs by saying "I'm guilty of buying one this tuesday ..." but then criticized the promotion's planners by writing: "but srsly what was corporate thinking making it on a tuesday when most places are understaffed??"

According to Starbucks CEO Howard Shulz, per Axios, the company's rewards program currently has 27 million members. The new special must have triggered a fair amount of them along with the inevitable influx of new signees wanting in on the deal. No, the statistics are not yet in, but how else would you explain the downtrodden state of @captainxhen in his TikTok video?

Another response by someone who was a Starbucks barista or employee of the brand shared a similar experience with the words: "bro i got SLAMMEDDDD, 30 people half hours at 4 with 4 people"