The Costco Dumplings That Have The Internet In Shambles

Popping a dumpling in your mouth is an unparalleled experience. Juicy, hearty, and exploding with flavor, eating a single dumpling can send you straight to food heaven. Whether you like them fried, crispy, and crunchy or steamed, soft, and soupy, dumplings are undeniably delicious. And with both meat and vegetarian varieties, this traditionally Chinese dish can be enjoyed by everyone in the family. The broad appeal of this bite-sized food may be why dumpling sales have soared during the pandemic. The co-founders of one dumpling company, The Daily Dumpling Wonton Co., reported that sales for their dumplings increased threefold over the course of the last two years or so, as noted by The Star.

One of the few downsides of this savory snack? Dumplings are fairly time consuming to make. While they may be quick to eat, preparing a batch of dumplings is not for the faint of heart, via Omnivores Cookbook. If you plan to brave this culinary challenge, make sure to avoid the mistakes everyone makes when cooking dumplings.

If you don't have the time but still have a hankering for this takeout staple, there are frozen dumplings available at most grocery stores. Struggling to decide which variety to purchase? One brand from Costco has been getting a lot of love online.

These Costco dumplings can be put right in the air fryer

In a recent thread, user @kingofwale took to Reddit to share their excitement about a new Costco item. "As someone growing up eating and loving my moms dumplings ... They damn amazing," @kingofwales headlined the post, referring to the bag of dumplings in the photo. The dumplings that @kingofwales is referring to are none other than Bibigo's Beef Bulgogi Mandu dumplings from Costco. These extra large potstickers are filled with Korean style Bulgogi beef, a staple, thinly sliced, meat in Korean Barbecue, via Allrecipes

The meaty dumplings also received a shoutout in a recent TikTok video and in an Instagram post from a couple of years ago. Across the board, shoppers seem to only have the best things to say about these frozen goodies. "Yum! Those dumplings are so good when you put them in the air fryer," a user commented on the TikTok video, while another wrote "Amazing ... Crispy and yummy and quick!" Several users claimed that the dumplings were so good, that no additional ingredients were necessary (Instagram and Reddit). When a Costco product is shared on not just one, but three, social media platforms, it's hard not to view it as a hot new item!