Celebrity Cookware Lines That Are Worth Buying

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We're truly living in the era of the celebrity chef. Thanks to hit shows like "Top Chef," "Iron Chef," "Chopped," and "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives," chefs are not only stars of the small screen, but feel like people we actually know and love. They entertain us while also shaping how we cook and eat. But are you really a celebrity chef if you don't have your own line of cookware available for purchase? 

Countless famous cooks means countless celebrity cookware lines. When it comes time to shop for kitchen supplies, it can be daunting to sort through all of the options. And just because a product has a celebrity attached does not guarantee it's worth your money (anyone who's ever tried a Trump Steaks steak could tell you this). So we've taken it upon ourselves to sort through the plethora of cookware out there to tell you which ones are actually worth your precious pennies. 

Ayesha Curry's collection of kitchenware

Ayesha Curry is a celebrity chef, cookbook author, restaurateur, businesswoman, and yes, she's also married to an NBA champ. You've probably seen her Food Network show "Ayesha's Home Kitchen" where she makes easy, delicious, family-friendly meals (because didn't we mention? She's also a mom!). So naturally, Curry had to add to her culinary empire by creating her own cookware line. And thankfully, the line does not disappoint. 

According to thousands of positive Amazon reviews, Ayesha Curry's anodized, non-stick cookware set is not only cute, with a sleek, simple design and a variety of colors, but they actually work. We've all fallen victim to pans that claim to be non-stick only to turn our scrambled eggs into Velcro. What's more, a number of reviewers note that the cookware is easy to clean, which is always a huge plus in our book. And for around $110 you get two frying pans, two saucepans, and a Dutch oven. That's a great value, considering it's cheaper than buying one single All-Clad pan (and those aren't even non-stick). 

Curry's mission has always been to make cooking more accessible. As she told Target ahead of her line's debut, "My hope is that my line of cookware, bakeware and other kitchen products will encourage others to get in the kitchen and see for themselves how effortless and fun cooking can be."

Beautiful by Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore has been a Hollywood staple ever since she (and those adorable pigtails) delighted audiences in "E.T." Nowadays, the actor, daytime talk show host, and mother is helping to make our kitchens a bit more beautiful with her kitchenware line at Walmart that is named, aptly, Beautiful. Her collection is functional, yes, but it also adds a pop of charm that you don't always get in cookware. As the "Never Been Kissed" star told Women's Wear Daily, "There is so much black and metal and it's very masculine. I looked a lot to Apple and I wanted to make something timeless and beautiful."

Not only does the Beautiful kitchenware line offer some gorgeous and super affordable cookware like pots, pans, and utensils, but they also make appliances and gadgets like coffeemakers, toasters, electric kettles, and even air fryers. Because why shouldn't these appliances be pretty too? After all, they sit out on the counter all day, you might as well enjoy looking at them.

According to Refinery29, the line sold out instantly when it debuted. It's not surprising that a touch screen air fryer that comes in an adorable pistachio green and costs less than $100 would fly off the shelves. Or this high performance blender in a dashing cornflower blue for only $55 is so gorgeous you'll never stop making smoothies.

Rachael Ray's cookware and bakeware

If the culinary world was a monarchy, Rachael Ray would be queen. She's written countless cookbooks, she has roughly one billion cooking shows on the air (give or take), she's got her own EVOO olive oil, and even a line of dog food. So it's no big surprise to anyone that her cookware and bakeware is top notch. As of this writing, her Cucina cookware set has over 20,000 positive reviews on Amazon. That's a lot of happy customers.

She has also put a lot of thought and innovation into her cookware line. For example, her oval-shaped pasta pot is actually pretty revolutionary. The oval shape ensures that you never have to break your pasta in half to get it to fit, and also makes it easier to fit larger pots on other burners. Genius. Understandably, Ray is happy that so many people are happy with her product. "The comments that mean the most to me are when people say my design is smart," she told E! News. "It's the actual function of the product they love." If baking is more your thing, her bakeware has thousands of positive reviews, and at $60 for a five-piece set, it's super affordable.

Martha Stewart's Dutch ovens

Martha Stewart clearly isn't gonna let a little controversy get her down. After serving a highly publicized prison sentence for insider trading, this lifestyle maven has fully bounced back. When she's not collaborating with Snoop Dog, or selling ceramic nativity scenes inspired by a set she handmade while "confined" (this is a real thing), she's also got an exclusive line of Dutch ovens with Macy's that are actually highly rated.

A Dutch oven is an enamel lined cast iron pan that is a staple in any kitchen, and it's perfect for making anything from soups and stews to pasta and braising meats. But they're often expensive; a Le Creuset Dutch oven can set you back a whopping $275. Luckily the Martha Stewart Dutch oven collection is super affordable, with pots in the $40 to $80 range. They even offer a few heart-shaped Dutch ovens. Sure, they might be impractical, but they're adorable, and really isn't that what counts?

Kristin Cavallari's copper mixing bowls

You likely first became aware of Kristin Cavallari from her early aughts MTV reality show "Laguna Beach." Well, like any reality star worth her weight, she's transformed her fame into a successful jewelry line Uncommon James that has expanded to include skincare and also home goods, cookbooks, and even some cookware. While her collection tends to have more decorative and basic home and kitchen gadgets rather than heavy duty pots and pans, there are still a couple items worth getting. And none of them will break the bank.

One popular item is this set of copper mixing bowls. To be clear, these are made of durable stainless steel, but for only $39, you get three stacking bowls of various sizes that are endlessly versatile, and the copper finish is an extra special touch. You can also buy a matching set of copper-colored stemless wine glasses to complete the look while keeping your rose nice and chilled.

Emeril Lagasse Power AirFryer 360

Emeril Lagasse is arguably one of the most famous celebrity chefs out there. Known for his "Bam!" catchphrase and plethora of restaurants, he catapulted to stardom in the '90s and he's remained a culinary A-lister ever since. In addition to his cookbooks, sauce range, and cookware line, Lagasse sells air fryers with his name on 'em. Take the Emeril Lagasse Power AirFryer 360, for example. Sure, it sounds like some sort of space station, but it's actually a kitchen appliance that boasts nine different baking features, all for under $200. Now that's how you kick it up a notch. 

The Power AirFryer has over 12,000 positive reviews on Amazon, with people loving how versatile the appliance is. Air frying food is all the rage, but you can also use its full rotisserie function, bake a cake, or just use it to toast some bread. If you have a small kitchen but love to cook, this is a must. Although be warned, a few reviewers do point out that the unit itself can get pretty hot.

Chip and Joanna Gaines' Hearth & Hand bakeware

Chip and Joanna Gaines are basically the Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez of the home goods world. After skyrocketing to fame on the beloved HGTV series "Fixer Upper," they've translated their signature shiplap-forward, farmhouse chic style into the wildly popular Magnolia brand, including the Hearth & Home line at Target. Which is great news if you want your house to look like it was designed by Chip and Joanna but don't have any plans to move to Waco, Texas.

While their line does have a few cookware items, like a Dutch oven or enamel lined cast iron pans, there's a heavier focus on beautiful, simple, and affordable servingware. If you're a baker, the baking staples like measuring spoons and cups are cute and affordable. For starters, there's a vintage inspired measuring spoon set that has a useful leather hook to hang them. And what about the vintage inspired measuring cups that would really help complete the look? We can't all live on a farm, but maybe Hearth & Hand items can help us pretend.

Curtis Stone's pots and pans

Curtis Stone is a celebrity chef who hails from Australia, and has made a name for himself in the Los Angeles dining scene with his hit restaurants Maude and Gwen. With the success of his many restaurants, cookbooks, and cooking shows, he's also got a few cookware lines, including "Cook with Curtis," which is sadly only available in Australia. But good news for us non-Aussies: Curtis Stone also has a line of pots and pans available at Walmart.

Curtis Stone's Walmart cookware line is pretty extensive, so there's something for everyone. But some highlights include this small two quart jug saucepan. It's got a useful handle for pouring and is great if you're often cooking for just one or two people. Plus at only $25, it's a great value. Or you can't go wrong with his affordable non-stick pan set, which reviewers rave about, some calling it the best non-stick pan they've ever used.

Babish Cookware

If you aren't familiar with Babish, it's the cookware line from the wildly popular YouTube show "Binging with Babish," where host and self-taught chef Andrew Rea recreates dishes from TV shows and movies. With over 9.7 million subscribers, Rae's show is basically the cooking equivalent of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And his cookware line is almost as popular as his YouTube channel.

With over a thousand positive reviews on Amazon, the Babish high-carbon steel knife is definitely worth the $18. In fact, Rea told Mashed that a good, sharp knife is a must-have in every kitchen, and clearly he's stayed true to his word. In that vein, he also said a stainless steel, high sided sauté pan is one of the most versatile items a chef can have. Luckily, you can own a Babish stainless steel sauté pan for only $60. Or give your kitchen the full Babish makeover with this 12-piece kitchen set for just $219. 

The affordability of the line is no accident. "I wanted to create a high quality line of products with a price point palatable for everyday chefs," Rea shares on his website. "The basics, simply made better."

Robert Irvine's line of cookware

Robert Irvine is a British-born Food Network star who shot to fame with his shows "Restaurant: Impossible" and "Dinner: Impossible." After helping countless floundering restaurants land back on their feet, and winning audiences over with his tough-love bravado and cooking skills, the natural progression for any celeb chef is to make a cookware line. 

If you're an OG home shopper, you can get his line on QVC. These ceramic, non-stick cookware sets include a sauté pan and a sauce pan. They are affordable, come in some fun colors, and they have the genius detail of wooden handles, since not all of us have hardened chef's hands. Or you can get this entire eight-piece Robert Irvine cookware set for only $53, which includes a frying pan, a pot, a Dutch oven, and a silicone steamer. Nothing like stocking your entire kitchen for less than the price of a single meal out at a restaurant.