The Beloved Italian Product That Was Voted Into Aldi Hall Of Fame

As grocery prices continue to tick upward, more people may be interested in shopping at Aldi, as the discount grocery chain keeps prices low by stocking many products from its in-house brand (via Financial Times). In fact, about 90% of Aldi products are store brand, says Reader's Digest, and although that might be off-putting to some, others swear by the quality of Aldi's wine, cheese, and more. Plus, a study showing how shoppers feel about store brands revealed that more people are coming around to in-house brands amid inflation.

Shoppers make their favorite Aldi products known through the chain's annual Aldi Fan Favorites survey. Feel strongly about the store's most kid-friendly product? Vote in the "Kiddy Cravings" category like thousands of others. Or, if happy hour is more your thing, lodge a vote in the "Clink & Drink" category. Of course, this will all have to wait until next year, since voting for the 2022 survey has officially closed.

The results of that very survey are in, per an Aldi press release, and more than 100,000 shoppers weighed in on their favorite grocery finds. The Giambellino Peach Bellini took top honors in the Clink & Drink category, barely beating out Zarita Strawberry Margarita and Belletti Prosecco. Fresh strawberries won again for top Produce Pick, and Specially Selected Ravioli took home What's for Dinner? honors. The beloved ravioli product isn't the only Italian item to win a prize, however. In fact, a totally different one just achieved Aldi all-star status.

Mama Cozzi's Pizza has Aldi Hall of Fame status

In this year's Aldi Fan Favorites survey, Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen Take and Bake Deli Pizza once again raked in the accolades from satisfied shoppers. Every year since the chain started the fan survey in 2019, it has been on the list of prize winners. In 2020, for example, it took the category of "Overall Fan Favorite." This year, then, it likely comes as little surprise that the product has become "the first Fan Favorite inducted into the Aldi Hall of Fame," per the chain's press announcement.

The ultra-popular take-and-bake product comes in a bunch of 16-inch versions, including pepperoni, five cheese, supreme, thin crust mega meat, and sausage and pepperoni. Prices vary by store. In addition to those options, Aldi is known to add other Mama Cozzi's flavors and toppings on the regular, as well as alternative crusts like cauliflower or stuffed crust, says The Kitchn. Of them all, however, classic pepperoni is the clear favorite, with more sales than any other type. In a word? Delizioso!