Crumbl Cookies And Pop-Tarts Just Gave You The Collab Of Your Dreams

While Toll House may have Crumbl Cookies beat in terms of age (per the Nestle website, the brand known for its break-and-bake cookies was established in 1939, while Crumbl Cookies didn't make it onto the scene until 2017), the younger business may very well have earned the title of social media's favorite cookie. Crumbl has a sizable following on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and QSR Magazine reported that the social-savvy brand had been on TikTok for only a month when it racked up 800,000 followers (compared to 5.5 million now). These metrics, combined with the a recognizable cookie aesthetic and ever-changing menu, are among the reasons why Crumbl Cookies suddenly became so popular in the late 2010s.

Another way Crumbl keeps cookie lovers' attention is by collaborating with popular food brands on limited-edition flavors. Just a few of the products Crumbl has featured in its cookies in recent years, per its Instagram, are Sour Patch Kids, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and ICEE. Now, the social media sweetheart has teamed up with another nostalgic foodie favorite that brought joy to many peoples' childhoods: Pop-Tarts.

You won't need a toaster oven to enjoy these Pop-Tart-inspired Crumbl cookies

According to Kellogg's, Americans savor around 2 billion servings of Pop-Tarts every year. Crumbl has made it clear that it wants to get in on the Pop-Tart infatuation with a recent Instagram post revealing that it will be partnering with the toaster pastry brand to bring its customers a special-edition cookie inspired by Frosted Strawberry Pop-Tarts. The "buttery cookie" comes "packed with strawberry filling and covered in a pool of melted white chips, flaky rainbow sugar, and a mini Pop-Tarts Bite" of the same Frosted Strawberry flavor, according to the caption.

Judging by the comments section, some Crumbl fans have already tried the treats. ​​"Literally my favorite cookie now...never had a pop tart that tasted so good," one user posted, while another assured skeptics, "If you want to try these but aren't sure, this is a sign to get it. They're so good. – signed a 9 months pregnant woman who loves pop tarts." Crumbl has not disclosed how long the Pop-Tart cookies will be available, but considering that the brand is known for changing its menu weekly, it's safe to assume the collab will disappear from the current lineup soon.