Did A TikToker Spill The Ultimate Hack For Free Starbucks Coffee?

Have you ever wished your cup of Starbucks coffee would never run dry? Well, that's actually possible — sort of. While Starbucks is usually happy to sell you as many of its beverages and food products as you like, there's a way that the most loyal customers can actually get a "bottomless" cup, within limits. And one TikToker showed those limits stretch a lot farther than you might image.

TikTok user @probably.alicia recounted her experience of how she took a member perk to its max. She claimed that she got a refill of Starbucks' vanilla sweet cream cold brew for free. 

According to the video, it was simply the result of her asking for the refill and then being pleasantly surprised when the staff at the Starbucks she visited granted her request. And it seems that this TikTok user stumbled upon something great that other Starbucks customers might enjoy as well.

Starbucks' refills are an official policy

As @probably.alicia explained on TikTok, the idea of free refills for Starbucks Rewards members isn't news. According to Starbucks, rewards members can get unlimited free refills of "hot [coffee], iced coffee, or cold brew and tea (hot or iced, not including lemonade)." The condition is that it is only good for "the same store visit."

The commotion that made Alicia's video go viral on TikTok was more about the exact beverage that she got a free refill on than the fact that she got free refills at Starbucks. The Daily Dot points out that one commenter said "the barista messed up here. You get a free refill, but it's just a plain hot/iced coffee, tea, or cold brew." However, Alicia claims she has gotten free flavored cold brew refills at another Starbucks location, too. 

Other commenters chimed in to corroborate the story as well — even though their anecdotes don't align with Starbucks' official refill policy. Still, coffee lovers can always use the Starbucks rewards program to get refills on their drinks at the chain, even if the free refills don't include flavored cold brew.