You Won't Recognize These Retro Costco Receipts

We all love holding onto treasured memories. While many of us may have a box of old birthday cards and thousands of photos stored on our smart phones, still, we could probably all agree that hoarding old grocery receipts takes things a bit too far. Alas, not everyone agrees with us there, according to a Reddit post from earlier this year.

Reddit user Ok_Championship3476 uploaded two retro cash register receipts from Price Club (which Brittanica says later merged with Costco), one dated 1991 and the other from 1992. "Because my husband keeps everything," the user explained about why they still have the receipts, which had been "squirreled away in a file folder marked 'important.'" Though the text has certainly faded, Reddit commenters were amazed that the receipts remained in such good condition. They also marveled at '90s prices, with the receipt holder scoring a 27-inch TV for $500 and a watch for $155.

Reddit remembered the hefty bulk of 1990s televisions

"Those receipts are older than me," reads one comment on the nostalgic Reddit post. Others concurred, with one user comparing them to "archaeological relics." One Redditor noted that both receipts were older than the movie "Jurassic Park" (released in 1993, according to National Geographic), while another despaired, "If 1991/92 is very old, I'm somewhere between extremely old and jurassic." "Time is relative," read an offer of reassurance.

The 1992 television was of particular interest to Redditors, which the uploader asserted was "top of the line at the time." Referring to the receipts, one user said the duo "belongs in a museum," and another joked that their owner "only went in for one item and still managed to drop $500." Acknowledging the notorious size and weight of old TVs, Redditor heels_n_skirt asked: "How many backs did he break carrying the TV to the car and living room?"

Answering a question about how the Price Club receipts were still in good condition, Reddit user u/tinydonuts said: "They used ink instead of thermal paper and receipts lasted more than a hot minute." Original poster u/Ok_Championship3476 revealed that they and their husband worked at Costco for 33 and 36 years, respectively, and are now both retired. That's a lot of different receipt aesthetics over the years.