How A Karen Caused A Disaster At A Taco Bell Drive Thru

Dealing with any kind of customer can be tough, but ask a service employee: when a Karen emerges, all bets are off. For those not well-versed in modern meme culture, "Karen" is no longer a mere name, but rather a label for any entitled customer who will double down on that entitlement to either get her way or patrol anyone she views as of lesser authority (via Parade).

Fortunately, most Karen encounters will involve witnesses who are quick to record what they see and take to social media to hold these offenders accountable for their behavior. As a result, these confrontations can be found all over the internet, often going viral for exposing just how shockingly stubborn they can be and how ludicrous their grievances usually are. A viral TikTok post proves a Taco Bell drive-thru incident to be no exception, demonstrating once again the destructive capabilities of a Karen.

The disaster, as told through TikTok

This March 2022 Karen installment was brought into the public eye in a TikTok video by a user who documented the situation from their car on the drive-thru line at a local Taco Bell. In the video, the user shared that an employee had been walking up to each car to explain to customers why the drive-thru line has not been moving — the dreaded patron in the car at the front of the line "cussed [employees] out, and they are refusing to serve her, and so she refuses to move." Over the course of an hour, another customer left his vehicle and walked up to the car holding up the line in an attempt to reason with its stubborn inhabitant. After he failed to do so, the police eventually arrived on the scene to remove her from the line. 

Whether she was ultimately served the fast food items she so passionately fought for remains unknown. However, this isn't the only time such an incident occurred at the chain, as shown by the Taco Bell Karen letter that had Reddit cracking up.