The Disgusting Item A Customer Found In Her Burger King Meal

A trip to the fast-food drive-thru could signal anything from a road trip to a long day, or just a "treat yourself" moment. After all, in the age of inflation, there is nothing better than a cheap meal — except, maybe a cheap meal that's ready by the time you pull up to the second window. However, every once in a while, a situation occurs where someone gets far more than they bargained for in their meal. 

Though the infamous finger in the Wendy's chili turned out to be nothing more than a hoax, there have actually been so many of these instances reported that NPR has published a roundup of related situations. But that's just one of the grossest things people have found in their fast-food orders, including a chicken head found in a McDonald's meal and a dead mouse in a Subway sandwich. Recently, a woman who visited her local Burger King found herself disgusted after she found something in her fast-food meal that most definitely didn't belong there. Spoiler alert: It was not a finger, but it was still pretty gross.

A teenager allegedly found a cigarette in her Burger King meal

Is it possible to mistake a cigarette for a signature Burger King Chicken Fry? Jenn Holifield and her 14-year-old daughter, Blaze, would certainly say it's not. Blaze and her mother were chomping on Chicken Fries when the teen reportedly found a half-smoked cigarette in her order, according to LAD Bible. Holifield revealed that her daughter told her she "smelled a cigarette" but that Holifield didn't think much of it. During the drive home, "About six chicken fries in, she said 'oh my God, there is a cigarette in my chicken fries.' I said 'what, no way.'"

The New York Post shared the story to Twitter, and some people sympathized with the mother and daughter, comparing it to finding a finger. However, others called the act "staged" and suggested that the teen was overreacting. Holifield said that she reached out to Burger King and was offered a full refund, but that the issue is still ongoing. The company says it has reached out to the location to learn more and "will take necessary action" (per LAD Bible).