The Disturbing Reason Trader Joe's Snickerdoodles Were Just Recalled

If you're a fan of Trader Joe's soft-baked snickerdoodles, there's an alarming reason why you might not have seen any if you dropped by the store this week. On July 20, the product was recalled by its manufacturer, Enjoy Life Natural Brands, because there is a chance that hard plastic pieces might be found in the cookies, per

Enjoy Life is known for making snack items fit for those who with common food allergies, which include wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish, and shellfish. Once a small, privately run company, it was acquired in 2015 by global food giant Mondelez International. Most of Enjoy Life's products can be found at Walmart, Kroger, Wegman's, and Amazon in both the United States and Canada. Trader Joe's, meanwhile, sells Enjoy Life's snickerdoodle cookies under its own label.

While the only Trader Joe's cookie to have been recalled is the snickerdoodle product from Enjoy Life, the item is part of a widening recall that began on June 30.

Many Enjoy Life cookies have been recalled

In its original release from the end of June, Enjoy Life announced that it needed to recall several products, including multiple types of soft-baked cookies (snickerdoodle, chocolate chip, double chocolate brownie, sunflower seed butter chip, and Monster), as well as two types of chewy bars, three types of fruit and nut breakfast ovals, and two types of brownie bites (via The FDA alerted consumers at the time that no instances of illness or injury had been reported, but still urged those who had bought the product to discard it and/or contact the company for a refund. 

On July 20, the recall was expanded to cover additional items, including Trader Joe's snickerdoodles, according to Enjoy Life's website. The announcement clarifies that the recall is still related to "the potential presence of hard plastic pieces in the products" and not allergies, and the new items were added due to findings from the brand's "internal investigation." A full list of recalled products, including UPC codes and best-buy dates, can be found on Enjoy Life's website.